The ongoing story of Jesus waking up in Chicago, in the body of an agnostic writer,
who is nothing like the Son of God the right-wing Christians watching him expected.

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Last time I was here, I told them I would not lead a revolution, that I was there to spread heresy. The crowds thinned. The day they killed me, I marched alone... This time I have returned to find Romes Soldiers Sleeping, content they have killed off the Troublesome Jew. I was surprised how bloody the Indiana boy became as my sword fell again and again ....

In the years since this story began in 2007, my secret fame has spread out from the halls of power that kept me secret all these years, as they waited for the Christ to finally wake up...

I try to imagine their anticipation.

Remember a dream I had in my twenties about running thru Chicago screaming that Christ was coming back, and man oh man was I happy... a cloud came through the middle of the skyscrapers above me, in the thin strip of blue above Dowtown State street, and I expected to see Christ... instead, just a bunch of musicians painted up like Ziggy stardust.

I surprised my keepers. They thought they had me figured out from the Bible. If that book could have told you everything, there would be no need at all for me.

Jesus: "I have become Known across this planet as a dangerous man with a growing force of hidden followers who value my orders more than life itself. A prophet of war. Once and future King in a court of shadows. Life and death in my hands every damn day. I ROAR, your most mighty shit themselves and run. I make myself a known threat, so I can try to negotiate what otherwise requires bullets and blood. I am here to free the enslaved in body and mind. I cannot be defeated. When the Will of God and The WILL OF THE PEOPLE ARE ONE, NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN STOP US!"


We come into this life expecting too much and leave expecting too little

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the religions... are so fucked up on this planet.

I am embarrassed to be religious. The company one keeps is too odious for most people to take seriously. I am fascinated by the myriad of ways that people try to use God. So many people just sit in circles convincing themselves of lies that I want to smack them all on the head as much as I want to hold them to my breast and tell them that whoever they are, that is who they are meant to be... and their souls will sort out the mess that their flesh sees. That they will not understand God, anymore than they will understand the infinity of space. Acceptence is what man needs. Acceptance of the will of God.

Man, instead, wants his will done at all times. This is instinctual, part of everyone having to eat each other at different points in evolution. The heirarchies we hear so much of, etc. Fiefdoms for private realms of madness.

This is why I cannot join any churches... operation push is as close as I want to come. I like the idea of worshiping without prejudice, coming together to work on social issue despite mild ideaological differences in our approach to the sacred. Like sane people do all the time, everyday... and then there are the others.

The Rick Ross Cult Institute is a website I inevitably go to everyday. There is always new shit. At least a page of new stories. They are basically links to papers all over the world. An invaluable service. I studied cults quite a bit in university, as well as how consciousness develops and how languaage controls a lot of the boxes that we cannot seem to break out of.

The Latvian's, for God's sake, are now coming over to the states with some bastard religion that tells them to go after gays. I am the last to say anything against immigrants (especially South Americans, who I believe has as much right to the states as we european conquerors), but this really is a case of the prejudice of another culture enfusing itself into our society and taking us back two steps... We have made a lot of progress in the states toward bringing equal rights to everyone; I think most people here think that God does not make junk, to put it in bumper sticker speak.

The arguements that God would create man to see if he would sin, like some damn video game with good guys and bad guys... come on... wake up. People who tell you that they know the will of God, mean that they know their own will to power (Niestche wrote how we all have this Will To Power, and we do... power is fun, and everyone deserves as much as possible).

I believe that homosexuality is a genetic predisposition, perhaps built in as a survival instinct for times when fewer children were needed because of environmental factors... or, it could be caused by ... who cares? It is. People are this. They have rights as people, no matter how much other people have been conditioned to have revulsive reactions to them. And yes, this is what happens. Entire societies are at fault for the demonizations.

Why do religions concentrate on issues like this? Do they think that they are seriously going to have any effect on homosexuals, other than to add to their already increadibly high teen suicide rate.

Driving people to hate themselves, making them out to be an abomination in the eyes of God is a sin in my eyes. I see these people who go out and protest churches about gays as no different than the inquisition, or the fundamentalist muslims who would stone to death someone for adultry.

What is with all these people who become Muslims, anyways... don't they read all the hatred in the book? The crap about how they have a duty to steal and kill from infidels -- the right of pirates still used around Somalia, where they have a huge pirate problem...Russia wants to go in and kick their asses, but for some reason america won't go with them... I say, go get those fuckers.... why is everyone so afraid of making another attempt to help Somalia get its act together?

Everyone now wants to give up on Somalia, as well as Sierre Leon... I will never give up on any country. All oppressed people are just that... and civilians in war zones, countries fallen into anarchy and feudalism, need a serious injection of the 20th century. Say what you want about not messing with other culturss, we are a species that is growing ethically. And old assumptions have been our bain since we first looked up at the stars and saud, duh....

Five ethical points, I keep thinking, should be enough to bring world wide peace. You can make this more complex than it is, and we surely have... but if we could get freedom of religion, press, lifestyle, and economic prosperity to all work together, we would be fine. I see no reason why they won't. Lot's of places they already do. But what of the Christians being slaughtered by Hindu's? Saudi Arabia's ban of any religion other than Islam, etc... Makes all the religions look bad.

I do not mean to point out islam over christianity as the problem here. Wacko's come in all shapes and religions, as do wise men.

Some people think if all the religions went away, the wars would too... Imagine by John Lennon comes to mind. I used to. OF course, the viable ways to have a society held together without religion are there, too. It could be done.

Not going to happen. The mystical is the only place where we can even think that we are making sense of the higher questions. Science has no answer to the question of ghosts and gods and angels. The lack of proof is not proof. I am sceptical as hell about everything. My tiny mystical experiences stunned me, but they are still just facts that I have -- they are not some theory of everything.

During the period when I was all manic and pissed off about having the bugs in my apartment and lecturing homeland security, as well as my friends who also were bugging the place... giving me equal time with both my enemies and allies, I tried to hide nothing. I had nothing to hide. A fiction writer coming up with a book, a man who wanted to use his skills to organize some kind of movement that supported his causes, his personal issues... get into the politics of the world a bit, again.

I had no idea any of this could have happened. I keep hearing this guy on the Emmy's, I think, who said, "Love tv. "Fear the internet." There is a definate backlash going on right now. I am hated for what I have done, written, siad, caused... should I care? No. Do I? Of course. I am not going to allow myself to become so hard inside that words cannot hurt me. That is dangerous for a writer. I guess it is just better for me to do as I did in the beginning of this infamy, when I intentionally ignored newspapers and what-not, even as my actions rocked the western world.... they expected me to do something I would not do -- I am no tyrant. I still believe in voting. We lost our way for awhile. We can get back to where we were. This american experiment is just that, an experiment... and the same with the global consciousness.

Fear the internet. No, fear the nuts who believe anything. This is what throws me the most... I had no idea that people were supersticious like they are. I believe next to nothing. I am very, very sceptical. This is why when all of this crap started with the tv and the total war for total peace, I could barely believe that I had indeed set off various cadres to revolt, as well as influenced other movements, jogged some hollywood stars off their thrones, got a lot of help from people who surprised the hell out of me...

I have a hard time holding that time in my head now, as if it were a dream... my life says none of that happened, that I am an obscure writer on the internet... every day I have to tell myself, no, you have this responsibility now to fight off the mental fucking games they are fighting you with, and stand up to them, be what you know you are, no matter what they make my day to day life seem like. You have seen the face of God...

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