The ongoing story of Jesus waking up in Chicago, in the body of an agnostic writer,
who is nothing like the Son of God the right-wing Christians watching him expected.

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Last time I was here, I told them I would not lead a revolution, that I was there to spread heresy. The crowds thinned. The day they killed me, I marched alone... This time I have returned to find Romes Soldiers Sleeping, content they have killed off the Troublesome Jew. I was surprised how bloody the Indiana boy became as my sword fell again and again ....

In the years since this story began in 2007, my secret fame has spread out from the halls of power that kept me secret all these years, as they waited for the Christ to finally wake up...

I try to imagine their anticipation.

Remember a dream I had in my twenties about running thru Chicago screaming that Christ was coming back, and man oh man was I happy... a cloud came through the middle of the skyscrapers above me, in the thin strip of blue above Dowtown State street, and I expected to see Christ... instead, just a bunch of musicians painted up like Ziggy stardust.

I surprised my keepers. They thought they had me figured out from the Bible. If that book could have told you everything, there would be no need at all for me.

Jesus: "I have become Known across this planet as a dangerous man with a growing force of hidden followers who value my orders more than life itself. A prophet of war. Once and future King in a court of shadows. Life and death in my hands every damn day. I ROAR, your most mighty shit themselves and run. I make myself a known threat, so I can try to negotiate what otherwise requires bullets and blood. I am here to free the enslaved in body and mind. I cannot be defeated. When the Will of God and The WILL OF THE PEOPLE ARE ONE, NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN STOP US!"


We come into this life expecting too much and leave expecting too little

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bittersweet year

triumph and tears
a shredding of one self for another
with all the attendant scar tissue left behind
the angry map on our souls

I think long and hard on the burden of the one who brings the end
the apocalyptic one who burns with unwanted fires

Jesus arrives in flames and horror
the hidden message behind the coloring books of lambs laying down with lions

I am a reluctant messiah...

they found me hidden in a man
the angels of awakening
brought out my voice from the opaque black parts of my unconscious
where a beast of savage grace growled and raged and nursed his wounds

a blue eyed hot blooded killer
thankful for the peace of his neighborhood, his friends, his words

I am willing to exist beyond human judgment
on a throne of my own perceptions
in a land of my own making
lecturing from an obscure podium
at a half interested crowd

The Christ cannot imagine how life can go on as before

Forgets and remembers that most people do not believe he exists
he barely feels like he exists some days
in others he gives into running away from the truth
into any fantasy that can bring a glimmer to his eye for a moment

He knows, though...

The opinions of others no longer matter.
His mission is clear.
Lead as many people as he can out of the mundane,
into the realm of the peaceful and sane and inane.

The Father's plans consume him
He cannot understand the motives of God?
The atheist he was awhile was idiotic enough to think
that if there was a plan, he would have figured it out and thus... it was not there

he hears the laughter of God... the one word He intones over and over
from the center of all.... LOVE.

What if I am here to lead a herd of souls to heaven
could I turn from such a thought?
Would it make any difference if I were to be jesus or not?

I prayed hard on blasphemy for months
the last thing I want to do is proclaim myself a god
this is the stuff of madness

what is just is

bullets and rose petals

fall from my hand
the bullets hit first
clatter harsh and ugly

the rose petals drift from side to side
elegantly, silently down

every laugh is a lie
when tears are required

I am far from the peace of faith
puzzled by where I am on this Calvary Walk

I want to be nameless
words without a persona

a clean start

I used to start over all the time

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the karma of tom cruise

don't believe in Karma very much. I have a weird view of something called social karma, which says that you can spread a certain type of behavior through other beings by acting a certain way; the basic, say hello to people and act pleasant and others will do the same.

In other words, a lot of the time, your social karma is what gets your ass kicked or kissed. This is too mystical to be taken too far. Just a sociological statement I felt that I had to make because the classic idea of Karma sickens me, blames people for shit that is not their fault.

Tom Cruise, who I surely do hope people will quit threatening, has been the target of my ire ever since I began to awaken to the problem of cults. But.... it is his right to join a cult, and it is his right to go around and talk about it. It is our right to avoid his movies, and to speak truth to their lies. Anonymous has done a wonderful job of showing how to protest a social movement that the government cannot/or will not.

Now, Cruise is building a five million dollar bunker under one of his homes. What a waste of money. People really need to make clear that when they criticize someone, they are criticizing behavior, not condemning everything a person is. People have intrinset worth. Tom Cruise is not a child molestor or a rapist or a murderer. These are the only people who the general debate grows around having killed. Everyone else deserves to live how they want. Even Tom Cruise.

I do hope that he will realize that all of the attention his cult is getting, actually means something. He is not a smart man, obviously... and more than that, he is a victim of a cult, as well. L Ron Hubbard's corpse should be dug up and pissed on, but whoever is left of his dying delusion will just become more religious curios. Read about the early 1800's america's and all the different religious beliefs people were trying on and you will see that nothing has changed.

A true religion may arise from the ashes of the conservative christian movements and the crazy cults... That religion will not be started by a guy who took a lot of speed and thought he was satan.

Tom, sorry they are on your ass... but you asked for this shit storm when you declared yourself a budding little god. You are the Golden Cow of fame and wealth, using your influence to fleece people of money with a mish mash of mind control techniques. Inside your cocoon, you do not even realize that their are actual butterflies out here...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the new editions are out

LAst night, I finally got the first three new editions out. They are not going to be perfect until I once more see the hardcopy, make whatever changes I missed.... Still, the books are there and readable.

I would recommend ordering them quick. One War, Waking Up Jesus, and The Religious Psycho Killer's Shit List. You can get them cheap at this point. I got all three for forty bucks. I will raise the price once I have the books and have made any final changes that I want.

I have not finished the collected works yet, but that is kind of a joke to me in a way. I want a book that has a novella, poetry, and comedy, so people can see all the different sides of my work. I suspect I am close on that front, but... I still have a lot of comedy that has never been published. A second volumn of the psycho killer's shit list and whatever will come...

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

firestarters in Gaza

the news makes me feel like I am participating in life
monitoring the world for some reason I cannot begin to fathom

I watch the rise and fall of this and that regime
idea, haircut, verbs du jour...

A story of three angels has been banging out in my head
I lay trying to sleep on a night with none trying to take the story further
to dream out how the story will end

so far I have three angels who have come to earth to awaken the Christ
they find him as they expect to, mourning his fate and still
in the thankful oblivion of his true mission

they have plaid this scene out on other planets and times
they do not envy the Christ
He alone goes out on point
becomes a human to try to save them
from his father's judgement

At first the Christ refuses to believe the angels
Laughs at the idea

Then slowly he comes to know that he is the end
the harbinger of the big fire

The angels in the story are weary warriors
they have been warring the forces of satan
retaking the souls snatched into hell by the master deciever

They have won and now they have come for the son of God
they both fear and love him

He is a creature who thinks he is a man
oblivious of the powers he could call upon
how easily he could toss the very planet into the sun

The Christ will have endless conversation with the Angels
he mistakes His fears of His Father with Hate
became an atheistic writer of violent comedy

They finally launch their mission
take over the media and plunge the world word into chaos
The Christ is mistaken again for a man who would be King
Is tempted by the world he could own again by the forces of Darkness

The tale slowly percolates in my mind
a secret place that I go when the conversation doesn't interest me
the obsession of hours laying in bed wishing sleep would come

I feel the guilt of the bomb
the guilt of fire
the guilt of bullets

the guilt of life and death

i watch cnn while I write my poem/story idea

seeing gaza getting hit by hundreds of missiles
the jews responding to the fanatics and their bombs
by massing troops on the boarder

by the end of the night the war could enflame the smoldering middle east

the us and Israel are bound together in the middle eastern mind
they despise the americans for staying out of the conflict
for not coming to their aide

When does the rain come that puts out all these flames?
the flood of holy water
that washes us clean of this blood

i hide myself in a poem on the middle east
in a story of angels
the far back dark reaches of my unconscious
where the unknown stand and speak from opaque black

I make up the angels to have some comic relief for this Christ character
comic relief... there is no room .... no room...

One war plays out on my tv, in the middle east, south america, africa... anywhere people are picking up guns and joining a side to wage war
is the same war
the same break down of reason
the same Darwinian struggle to be free

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Christmas Sermon

Seek peace with men of all religions. Speak to your enemies in the hope they will see into your soul, and learn of your kindness.

The Iranian premier's speech on BBC should be seen as an attempt to entice Obama to take himself seriously, and confront the number one most contentious problem in the middle east. No more bombs... can't ignite them oil fields, or we will all burn this time.

We will not be able to lead the world if we simply choose our friends and the rest be damned. The time has come for the metaphors of war to be retired. Talking in terms of winners and losers, evil and good, etc... are all lies. We are creatures encasing souls. We do not know much of our story. So little is known that no one can be right forwever. Sooner or later, science will come up with something better.

Ending the easy conversion of Islamists to terrorists organizations, will require respect and love. This is a fuck or fight world. Pretend otherwise. I started this campaign by telling you to seek love, to fuck out your war jizz. I hope this held off some of the violence for awhile.

I have been ordered to get in the shower to prepare to go out for christmas dinner. Yum

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Santa attacked a group of revelers today with maltov cocktails and submachine guns. Neighbors interviewed on the news all agreed, "Those were some very bad kids."
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but seriously folks.....

will Bush pardon Cheney on Christmas eve....

Will Bush Pardon Cheney on Christmas Eve? Will he? Should he? Why does Vice President Biden think that the war crimes of this administration must be investigated. And this is not politics, this is the law, as stated by the Geneva Convention (remember that document, don't hear too much about it these days... guess he's fallen on hard times, spends his days drunk on wine with a tattered sign he holds up down town saying "Torture Must Be Stopped Now."

There is a myth, probably hollywood related, that anything can be tortured out of an enemy. Now the esperts are coming over and saying that treating terrorists like people who have a mind that can be changed from their violent ways, much like a criminal who has been rehabilitated. This sounds fairly liberal coming from me, even though I am a liberal.

I do some mild consulting with the intelligence agencies. They watch my opinions and I occasionally see policy playing out that I originated. Sure am glad I studied Military Intelligence (which no, it is not an oxymoron most of the time). During the height of my powers with effecting the military, when my violent little site was read with the gallows humor that only soldiers and goths seem to have.

I started out with a campaign for total war for total peace. Put a sign in my window a few years aago reading OBAMA FORGIVE OSSSAMA - SEND ALL THE WARRIORS HOME.

I am glad to see that Obama is going to make a major address in the Muslim world. We need to show the fanatics the spirit af the american people, our willingness to help when we can, and our great love of diversity (I speak more for the majority that the pockets of delusional realms of one or two haters).

I knew when I started writing about wanting peace, that the process was more complex than just everyone packing up and going home. I wanted that more than anything, but I do not want our war to destroy Iraq. I did not want this war. WOuld have voted against it personally. Yet, bringing down Hussein is not such a bad thing, and giving a country in the middle east a shot at Democracy is a great thing. We make the best of what we have. Bush lied us into that war, and then fought this war like a personal vendetta against anyone who threatened his authority in his 'time of war.'

Homeland Security became the Big Brother we always feared; yes, we got the comforting arm on our shoulder, but we also go the watchful eye and the lawless lawman. Our use of torture can be understood in the context of stopping terrorists attacks. There are few sane folk who would choose the death of thousands over the mild torture of one individual. The problem is, we made these men guilty before a trial. This made us waste a lot of time, and destroy a lot of undeserving lives. When I read that a lot of these prisoners who sold to the americans as terrorists, though they had actually just been rounded up and sold into what amounted to a horrifying form of slavery.

I found when I started my peace campaign, that the war became more complex the longer I looked at it; my heart, already bleeding for the soldiers and their famalies who were, like my mother once was, watching the news every night wondering if one of her three brothers had died that week.

At one point, fighting the war over in Iraq and winning our way out with true objectives, I decided that the war needed to become ruthless. Snipers were using civilian houses to shoot at Allied troops, then running out the back door. Often these people knew exactly who thes snipers were, though they denied this, believing that a death sentence awaited the collaberators. I was blood thirsty during this time, knew that I was now getting people killed, and the only way to deal with this was to take the side that winning was the only way to stop the war, and that war is a law unto itself. Late one night, as I spoke to the bugs in my apartment, I told them that they should be killing the famalies who harbor the snipers and send me a necklace of ears.

The next week I hear that the battle has taken a dramatic turn. Soldiers had taken my advice, and were killing the entire famalies found in the sniper dens. Civilians began turning in the snipers right and left, fearing the new found conviction of the Americans to winning the fight. THere was talk that they respected us more after seeing we could fight with the same brutality they were bring to the war.

I saw the semi-trucks my soldiers drove around the country trying to get messages on the news, read of sorrow of the wrestler and his family who killed themselves to make sure I knew how they were drugging me. Isolated, surrounded by the army that keeps this revolutionary at bay, the loose affiliation of cops and agencies that monitor a man who has proven able to start riots all over the world, if he is not careful.

They are to blame for my excesses. Came at me as an enemy, instead of a reasonable human being who wanted to be heard. Fearing someone with a better idea is insane -- think how far science would have progressed with such stumbling block.

Later, I read an account of the war comparing the bloody campaign I started, and soldiers who were now there trying to make peace with the Iraqui's and turn the country over to them. One sargent was interviewed who said that with stop gap, most of his men had gone mildly insane. They mutter to themselves, Get wasted everynight. There are few mental spaces they can find sanctuary from the death all around them, and the reapers who loom over them on the quietest, most calm seeming dusty streets.

The surge worked in its way. We should not have had to have it. The army should have been re-organized and the shites and sunnis encouraged to be professionals together, to get over their prejudices by the spirit de corp. 20/20 hindsite. What if they turned their weapons on their ancient enemies? An entire country fallen into gun fire, neighborhoods cut into mazes of security zones. Classes of people living abroad, others in make shift camps that are just better than the threat of death they face to return to their lands. Many of their houses are now occupied by armed combatants who need to be battled out... regular men just move one, wait for the law to come back into effect and give them some redress....

Now we have Afganistan. What are we to do with the Taliban. Are they an army recruiting to attack us, or a phenomena of the hatred recent american policies have stirred up in the middle east. Could we find peace with these people? Could we give up the oil in the middle east, and let them live as they will live. Such good will would allow enough westerners to operated in their lands to learn that we too are people of honor, who wish only the best for the earth.

I hope that the camps where we hold the captured Taliban in Afganistan are transparent. That the combatants are looked at as people who have been brainwashed, as well as conscripted against their will. Brainwashing is seldom talked about in the situation of war, though we all know that this is done. Brainwashing is a science, and a personality, of a certain proclivity can be convinced to become a suicide bomber, obviously (not to mention all the other tom foolery people talk themselves into, from religions to choking themselves to passing out during sex...). People tend to look at the phenemona as unproven, until they experiment with it a little bit, or like myself, experience it. I went through drink treatment a few times, and learned that the 30 day model is based on the fact that it takes 30 days to adequatly brain wash someone into a new set of virtues).

Is there anyone actually out seeking Ossama Bin Laden and asking him if he has an agenda that will allow for a peace? Are we morally able to swallow our pride and say that this one man's life is not worth fighting a war over. If he comes peacefully into the new world, let him be exhiled by some and worshiped by others, as long as he does not inspire violence.

I do not care for the tactics of urban guerrilla warefare, though I can see how certain situation would sway my belief. ANd I am talking extreme circumstances, like an invasion or personal protection of self or others. I think a better way to go about changing government is to insist that it is fair. For all people. Give folks a vote in what is done to them, in what they wish to pay for. Let them see the arguements of both sides, not just the rich and powerful and glib and celebrity.

Reverend Jackson is always saying something about how criminals get three squares in jail while school children get one meal. I am more sympathetic to prisoners than Rr. Jackson perhaps (who knows); I do not blame all of them of their crimes. Society placed a lot of them there simply for being poor abd black and searched for weed more often than white guys. Others never had a chance. How people get out of bed and go to work for forty years is a mystery to me, let alone had I come from a family of abusive drunks, or severe poverty combined with prejudice and expectations even more diminished than my own.

I think prison is souls killing. The law is not taught in Jail. The reverse is truth. I believe that they should be given housing where they can try to function from with supervision, therapy, and classes on ethics. Like Skinner's pigeons, they can be taught. No one wants to be in jail. Give them an alternative that is not fraught with fear of going back to jail (which is why a lot of people run and endanger everyone in the path of their suv as they run that red light).

We underfund these therapy oriented group homes because a lot of them simply do not work. I have seen one where the kids basically controlled the house. Gang bangers who were living in group homes in what might as well have been a ghetto peopled just with teenage boys and kids just out of college who had no idea who to deal with the intimidating nature of their charges.

THey talk of a WPA. This could put the kids to work, let thme see something built with their own hands, learn skills that will take them out into the american dream with a change of buying their forty acres and a few mules (maybe a pny or two).

I can see the infrastructure of american being rebuilt not by the usual mobsters and pay to play sorts who get that shit in Chicago and all over the world (look into Cleveland if you want to see how much better off we are here than there); but by people who the government hires purely for skills, and sets free to turn our national parks and roadways and trains into the future we dreamed of and now must create. We can green this world tremendously through this effort. COnsider it our war against the Greenhouse if done right.

Obama will have to be very careful how he hands out contracts. He must hire from the top down in my opinion, appointing someone and then letting them hire the out of work to fill positions. Benefits like college educations for their children, lengthy vacations, etc... Not to mention the work for all the poverty idled artists. Let us bloom this world.

Bush pardoning Cheney, or anyone for that matter who is not ridiculously entitled, will send the wrong signal to the world. For one, this will admit our guilt in a matter which most of the world is disgusted over. Two, the History that needs to be learned from in this manner will have no airing. In Military Intelligence you learn just how much intelligence drops into a file not to be opened for a hundred years, that is needed, right now, to correct a problem. Merely protecting the reputation, or freedom, or a few men who were once symbols of the mightiest nation in the world, is a futile effort. The truth is already known, just not quite believed by the mainstream.

Like I always write, take off the monsters masks, or send them off into the future to kill again.

I feel for anyone who has to make life and death decisions. I laid in bed mourning for a month after I realized my campaign had been used to take human lives, when I told them no human life was worth one fucking bus. I never claimed to be in control of everyone, and still don't know if they were right or not in their military assessment... all I know is the horrible awakening to the powers of the word, and how easily a poet can take a heart and a head and spin them into a hurricane.

The Time of transition has come. Obama. I hope he makes overtures in his first speach to sit down with any taliban leaders will speak to him. I pray he learns of their concerns, and sets his best people to deciphering the cultural manners where we mesh as one species. I also pray he addresses Pot as soon as possible, meeting with advocates, and putting togehter a bipartisan committee to study the societal costs of incarcerating people for this mild drug. The money saved and earned from taxes could make our schools the best in the world. Learning how to and how not to use drugs could make all the difference in a child's life.

The darker drugs would require government intervention to provide the addicts with means to live normal lives, such as methadone has done for many, though the German policy of supplying herion seems to elevate the life standard of the addicts and the communities better (and no, there has been no rise in addicts). Amsterdam is of coures the world model. Of late them have set aside certain neighborhoods for prostitution and pot clubs. This saves the cops time, and provides smokers with safe havens, where they do not have to get stoned on the way to the club.

Lastly, Obama is going to be a war president. I would love to be an isolationist, hold up in the last gorgeous spot on the world and just let the world go to hell. If he is to establish that America has the same power to influence the world as China, Islam, and Russia, we have two options: work with these superpowers to stop wars, no matter who is supporting which movement (often we cannot move on a set of insurgents if they are tied to some bigger power that has an aggression pact). There are other countries who barely have a government, and no one is going to give a shit if we go in and try to help the people establish and working society.

The Marshall Plan for the entire world. FUnded not by the states these days, but by the entire world. By an attitude of all youthful


There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


There has been a battle waging since the angels split off, some becoming demonic, others trying to stop them. We have fought on earth in the forms of men forever. We fought as Neanderthals... as soon as the image of God began to appear in the faces of the creatures of Eden. We have kept all of this secret to the humans, fearing the mass hysteria that would have enveloped the world. The massacres we could see down that future path kept us from allowing events to steer us into such a dark place.

Now we are coming above ground. Demons and Angels are actively appearing int he unconscious of the humans; possessed since birth by deities they will never undrestand, these humans now wage the ultimate war between good and evil.

We have gathered in Chicago to meet the one. The Christ. The humans have known about since his birth, a secret that t most learned about when the Awakening Movement needed their aide. I have been a sleeper agent in my own mind, learning of the humans and their times by the ultimate tool - becoming one of them. Waking up from deep cover is not easy. There is no instant switch. You exist as two people at once, and in my case two warring people.

The battles would be fought in the old ways. As when the Gods themselves clashed over planets... or Gods they seemed to themselves, warring with powers that are unheard of here on earth.

You begin to remember the other lives you have lived as you fought the dark ones. The countries where you found them and their armies and tried to destroy their followers, before they could sweep the earth and earn their dark right, to avoid the flight to the father, to rule here on earth for eternity. They fear the fathers dark vengenge for the war they inflicted on the Son. They seek to keep humans on their sides purely to keep their delusion going.

I am weary from the battles I have returned from. The wounds of angels are all internal, mixed up with killing beings who were once your lovers, your fellow angels singing in the court of The Almighty. I know Jesus is close. Can feel his warm presence. I do not know if he is awake yet. He is usually the last, though sometimes the first. I find him in a dive bar, scribbling on napkins a poem that would be later lost from his pocket and dissolved into the snow lightning the Chicago streets.

I sit on a cracked, acrylic seat beside him. "Do you know me?"
His clear blue eyes look at me with rage, then he seems to go to another part of his brain to calm down, and answers in his gorgeous voice, "I have known you, my brother, since before you knew there was such a thing as I."

He never has grown used to being the Father's Judge, the siren for the four hoursemen with the steeds of fire. He came up later this time, 44, and his beard is greying. The waif of skin and bones he had been in the last life was gone. He looks skinny, yet well fed. He has grown the long hair of the mystic and magic. I can tell he has had the dreams. One showing God's Face to prove that he was in touch with a deity, and the next of the endless lightening and fire flowing from his trembling silhouette.

"Your father sends his greetings."
"Yes, he would."
"Have you seen the demons?"
"They are everywhere. They cannot attack me and I leave them alone. I have become like an animal in a zoo to them. The lion they never want to meet in the jungle, chained and neutered."

I order a beer and take a cigarette out of his pack. Angels are like soldiers on leave, forever trying to just stay in the moment and if drink and drugs are needed, the humans have an endless supply.

"They think I will not fight them. I want them to think I am defeated."
"They can hear you and yet...."
"Now that you are here, they understand that I am about to burn their Eden down."
"You loved here?"
"How could I not... these were my children once."
"You know I speak with the new Satan?"
"He is nothing like his father."
"His fate was worse than mine. Still, he believes in these beings, sees their free-will in the perversions, the lust for life itself."
"The heavens makes this place seem like a hell."
"The babies don't know."
"Now you sound like Satan. This is a planet meant to grow souls. To send seeds out into the cosmos. We go to the father's face, he sends us to the heavens where we will be happiest, or off to some other war."

"What have you been doing here?"
"Anything good?"
"No. I wanted to change time itself, make the end a dream no one needs to have..."
"He sent you here to burn all this shit down."
"Collectively they are a virus. One on one though...."
"Save a few for breeding..."
"And forget the rest."

I understood again why only the son himself could bring on the end of a world. Angels would have died from the pain I could see in everything he did, from the grim resignation that he sipped his coffee to the cigarettes he left to burn away in the ashtrays.

"The goal will be to save every soul on the planet. The projections are much smaller, of course. First we will need to use the armies to eradicate those who are not going with us. There will be even more blood... I have already shed more than I feel like I can take, though I know, being I am, I can take anything."

"Where are you staying?"
"I sleep on the subway."
"We'll need a better field office... do you know where the other three are?"
"They will find us within hours of opening the office. Call the company the Reluctant Apocolyptics. I want the left over demons to know where we are as well. I forgave them."
"Oh, I perished a few... mostly I offered them their old jobs back. They knew from the beginning of this battle that they were going to lose. They were stuck with Satan after the revolt. He was the one who had to hear their cries of pain over their fates. I would have even forgiven him for trying to teach the humans that they are for a reason, that God relishes their lusts. Of course, like an angel, he took it too far. The distance from the father drove him mad. The impending end, where we find ourselves now.... must have preyed on them."

We spoke of the other wars raging across the cosmos, where bits and pieces of the Son of God was still battling the left over pockets of the demonic invasion.

"Any closer to figuring out why he does this to them?"

Jesus sighed, "Not that question again... he is not going to tell me his plans, because... who knows?"

New reports that night were filled with firefights between shadowy figures who witnesses claimed were flying around on white wings. Scientific experts were brought in to speak about mass hysteria. In a secret agency within the CIA another entry is made into a file labeled project omega. ^To his superiors, James Kenny wrote that an aplha red pronto emergency scenario was breaking out in downtown Chicago.

News teams filled the streets surrounding the battles. Burning swords and blasts of lightening and fire flew back and forth between the creatures, destroying store fronts and leaving ominous fires up and down State street. A white being, too bright to be photographed or looked upon directly, appeared above the carnage and the entire scene disappeared. A melodic voice of authority filled the streets, "I am."

Speculation filled the news shows for the next week, though nothing else happened...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boycot Tom Cruise Films

Do you think that Tom Cruise the actor, and tom smooze the man, are two different entities?

I try not to let the life of an actor effective my viewing of them, theough there have been notable exceptions. I would not buy prison art from Gacy (johnny depo did and it drove him to have a fear of clowns).

In tommie smoozes world, however, there are forces that are trying to use his film career for propaganda. Were he in Nazi germany, her would not be trying to kill Hitler, he would be playing along in their propoganda movies. Remember,this is an easily influenced man with a broken childhood and a lot of money, which what these cults can smell like a hog over a truffle.

When his last film was bombing, scamatomologists tried to buy extra tickets to keep theer adverting partner a viable spokesperson.

It is one thing to say the poor actor had a lapse with drink, or any of lifes fairly common artistic problems... they are only inadvertantly leading to the romanticism of drinkin, where as Tom is saying that you must follow him to become a super being.

The us army, at my behest, recently denied Smooze the ability to use american military basis, soldiers, or machinery. This is why he shot his latest smooze over in Germany, where their guilt over their grandparents sins still keeps the ethics of the best of them wary, and ready to fight the rise of another mad man to office.

He is opening this film on new years. People thought I was Hitler incarnated, or his son for awhile.. while I have no evidence to prove this unfounded, I was told, vaguely, that some reserch the Nazi's were doing led to my existence. How, I will learn one day. Of course they also thought I was from outer space (which I am, but I have lived here so long that the general meaning of aleins applies to other than me)

Then you should know that when his last film was bombing, scientologists actually tried to up his numbers by buying theater tickets. They have in their hands a powerful symbol of success, an american actor who is so empty inside that they can fill him with whatever bullshit they want.

I am sick of his commercial... the nazi movie that comes out on christmas. There is something sick about that, to me. There are a lot of other films opening that day. Why not see one of them?

A tom cruise movie is another bit of propoganda for his cause. Don't kid yourself, they have their mind on world wide domination. Like most cults, they promise all sorts of shit they cannot provide.

I read the Rick Ross Cult Institute every day, almost. THe crap that people will believe, that we normal folk laugh at, is created by the urge for belief that we all have.... your beliefs, or at least some of them, are probably as delusional as the cultists. No one has failed to learn something that proves them wrong,unless they are so crazed that there is no way to enter their frenetic names with logic.

I have a cult member in my family. They say his life has improved since he joined the cult, even though they have bled him of every dime, and indeed put him into debt to support their habits of selling bottled water with hippy names that are supposed to be from Israel, but are not.

I have been off line for a couple weeks. I am back at comcast now. They were the ones who bugged me last time, and indeed may be doing as much again, for all I know. at this point, I pray my friends get the same intelligence on me that my enemies are gathering.

They know I can play the crowds like a sympohny, and they fear some imminent attack like I preached about, to the bugs in my apartment that though the info got out to good folk, I never once agreed to. I am not going to sue anyone over this... I do resent the drugging enough to want to torture the truth out of a doctor, but that isnot my way.

I am still trapped in Chicago, for good or bad. You couldn't ask for a better cell in the summer, but winter here... my husky loves the snow, of course. Her joy has yet to be infectious to me.

M. and I are saving our money to move, which has left me without weed. I hate to admit it, but writing on weed is my greatest joy in this life. Otherwise I tend toward depression. Who wouldn't in my situation.

I missed my deadline to get the books out. Who cares? I suppose I should worry about this more, but no one will buy them again. Weird. I know they great they can tap into Lulu and read my books, so they know I am not advocating bombing someone or whatever... just writing about the world as I see it.

The greek riots have been appalling, eh? What happens to people when they join a crowd can be easily researched on the net. I urge anyone not too drunk to look this up to do so.

I studied under Danial Sheperd, who believed that non violent protest would win out in the end. I believe this too. Getting people to come to your side really involves not burning down buildings and trashing your neighborhoods even worse.

We all feel the frustration of our governments ignoring our status as working poor, or the unemployed.

A lot of us would kill the Hitler in the system if we thought it would do any good. It does not. Like theese anarchist battling the police, they are not fighting the right people. The problems start with the wealthy who refuse to pay the tax rates that could start a New Deal in Greece, where the people are paid by the government for their skills, as they improve the infrustracture of their country. Any country with a large youngster population is going to experience unrest.

Look what happened when I called for a revoluation in America. Very pockets of resistance popped up. There were suddenly enough people to actually take over this country. We used hard core methods, no doubts... people died. This was our civil war.

I tried to tell the people we were warring with how worse this battle could get, how resolved, to the point of becoming monsters, to save this planet from allowing the industrialist to creat the green houes effect. This short minded thining from people who had been bought out by companies that do not wish to go green was criminal.

I would like to see a tribunal for the major polluters in america. They should be tried for sins against the environment. Industries would be able to make penance by solving the problems of cars and jets and etc... This can be done. American enguinity is almost already there.

The sheer number of people rioting, in the various cities, emboldens them all. I ama firm believer that protests must be preaceful. IF the cops will not march with you, you planned the protest badly.

No one who follows me should be doing violence in the streets. Period. The frustration you feel is mine as well -- I know what it is like to be disenfranchised from my community by economic and social conditions. We are fairly poor, though we have enough that bitching seems narcissistic. I take out my frustrations on the page, not in the streets. Not that I think protests are bullshit. We saw in Chicago this week a great example of how to protest, at the Republic Window and Door factory, where they tried to toss out the employees without paying them, etc... breaking varius federal labor laws. Rev. Jackson went down with food, and made a statement that this was the beginning of a labor movement.

Then... the republicans stop funding the auto industry... The unions think this is just more union busting. I do not know the details, though I have heard that they think the bailout will not work. If they are right, then we would be throwing fifteen million down a well. Like the banks we backed up... who are now spending like fat cats on your sweat and blood. I am glad I am crippled. It at least stops me from having to fund rich assholes. Banks. I don't even use them anymore. With the fees and the occasional overdraft, I found it was cheaper to just cash them at a currency exchange and spend 7 bucks.

I wrote long ago about this credit problem. I wrote that we were going to have to stop this shit. People took me wrong. I am not even sure what I meant by that, like a lot of my behavior during my frantic period of feeling like a budding prophet. Now a lot more makes sense. Why did I say that no stars or agents should call me? I know now that I am going to be so controversial that association with my writing will bring a lot of criticism.

I would also like to say, that two years ago I put a sign in my window saying "OBAMA FORGIVE OSSAMA, let all the soldiers go home." This was before he announced his canidacy. I knew he was going to be president, and that he would be the one who bridged the gap between america and the more radical muslims in the middle east. How did I know? God. He uses me like his scribe, whether I understand what I am writing or not.

I will be going to the operation push fundraiser next saturday, from 7 to 9pm. I watch or go to operation push every saturday. This is my church. Rev. Jackson never fails to inspire me to action.

Oh, yea, and thank you John Stewart for recommending that I snoke more weed... because I said something about not writing without weed, which is bad, and something I will change if I have to. Right now, for instance... though this is hardly the poetry of fire and redemption that I would prefer. Or even comedy. I did write a new comedy story a week ago at the elves attic.... anyways, John, I am always proud and honored by your communications with me. Someday... we weill talk. I still kick myself for not answering the phone when you calleed. Now the security is too tight probably for that. Who knows? My new phone mnumner is 773 961 7318. I still want to go on you and stephens' shows one day. I would also like someone to interview me about all this shit, but that is breaking some secrecy rule they have.

I still go over all the evnts of my birth all the time. The drugging, and the resulting preaching that I did, embarrass the hell out of me. I never asked to have children watch my performance, but a poem I wrote, captain factor xm where I said that we would keep no secrets, seems to point that way. I wrote cryptically because the muse was cryptic. I didn't know what I was going to write, though I could feel this master plan playing out through me. THis is one of the reasons I wonder if there was brain washing involved during the time I was in a coma. I woke up afterwards and started writing notes on my arms and didn't even know my girlfreind, or who I was. I have never had anything even similar to that happen, and either God took me and woke me up, or mankind used some ancieant, cultic knowledge to create a man who thinks he is christ... they told me I am an angel, and my wings were removed during the year I spent in a catholic hospital. Why did they do this? I think to protect me, but also... they fear that I will bring armeggedon...

I did dream that lightening and fire were spewing from my body. THis was an astounding dream, like when I saw the face of god. They came the same week. I never dream when I am smoking a lot of weed, as I was at the time. I am not one to make too much of my dreams, though a few did show me things that came true. I look at them more now that I know that I am this 'thing,' that is human yet not.

I am just blathering on... but truly, think about telling people not to go to this tom cruise vehicle. The us army says he can no longer use their equipment because of his cult affiliation.

I write this about cruise and think, 'no one who reads me would go see this film.' M. did rope me into watching a few good men the other day, and watching him made me sick. I really get creeped out. I seldom get this feeling. I wonder sometimes, what with L Ron Hubbard's love for satanism (he raised his son a satanist) has morphed into bringing the anti-christ. Could that be cruise? I do not know. I hope he is just some dum guy who ended up getting scammed all to hell. But he is dangerous to the truth. Psychiatrists have belped me immensly in my life. I have a profound respect for what they are trying to do. I have seen people totally change when on or off the medications they offer. A roomate of mine was totally cool while on the meds... went off them, and ended up a crazy person on the streets. THis story times one million would come about if they had their way. Until the new drugs started coming out, people were just thrown into sanitariums. Better that they can function.

I also want to say a few things to clear up a few myths about me.

1) I am not trying to take over the world. That was all a joke. I would not know what to do with it. I do, however, want to influence people of power. With Obama in the presidency, I am fairly certain someone who thinks like me will be in charge. This is a first. I am still honored by his contact with me, as I am with Hillary Clinton. I recommended a round table of various leaders, and they started using a huge debate format to get the issues out. That was great. Now, he is taking the great talent of the people he debated and putting them in positions of power. This is wonderful of him. He does not have all the baggage that presidnets usually bring in, and by baggage I mean people who he owes something to. Most presidents end up giving these posts to cronies who will just do their bidding. Obama seems to be taking the high road. A nuclear physicist in the white house? Brilliant.

Lastly, on the blagoveich problem. I feel for his family, and him. I understand the corruption of this city. The problem is that the mayor, or at least his cronies, are so used to be ing criminals that they have encultured the city hall.

Go in love...

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There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

fight or flight

I play the run from me game.
The hide me game.

There is place we all go
a cave on a mountain alone
we burrow into the dark

our souls a hawk
circling high above
coming down fast
on the elusive bird
of love

the predators
coming in fast
death cries of screaming beast below
our hunger is all we know

You are welcome to spread my poems by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


There is some overlap... but they are all different.