The ongoing story of Jesus waking up in Chicago, in the body of an agnostic writer,
who is nothing like the Son of God the right-wing Christians watching him expected.

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Last time I was here, I told them I would not lead a revolution, that I was there to spread heresy. The crowds thinned. The day they killed me, I marched alone... This time I have returned to find Romes Soldiers Sleeping, content they have killed off the Troublesome Jew. I was surprised how bloody the Indiana boy became as my sword fell again and again ....

In the years since this story began in 2007, my secret fame has spread out from the halls of power that kept me secret all these years, as they waited for the Christ to finally wake up...

I try to imagine their anticipation.

Remember a dream I had in my twenties about running thru Chicago screaming that Christ was coming back, and man oh man was I happy... a cloud came through the middle of the skyscrapers above me, in the thin strip of blue above Dowtown State street, and I expected to see Christ... instead, just a bunch of musicians painted up like Ziggy stardust.

I surprised my keepers. They thought they had me figured out from the Bible. If that book could have told you everything, there would be no need at all for me.

Jesus: "I have become Known across this planet as a dangerous man with a growing force of hidden followers who value my orders more than life itself. A prophet of war. Once and future King in a court of shadows. Life and death in my hands every damn day. I ROAR, your most mighty shit themselves and run. I make myself a known threat, so I can try to negotiate what otherwise requires bullets and blood. I am here to free the enslaved in body and mind. I cannot be defeated. When the Will of God and The WILL OF THE PEOPLE ARE ONE, NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN STOP US!"


We come into this life expecting too much and leave expecting too little

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spread Thin

I have come to this earth
a warrior dropped into mid- battle
dozens of armies going at it
with weapons and ways
I barely understand

A glossamar web
tossed over the mind of man
woven in Heaven Above
for a vegetarian Spider
freeing flies

a feral child raised by God himself
spirit buck-wild
untamed by man or earth
a denizen of no church
or philosophy...

mentally adrift 
in an infinity of guesses
that will do for truth 
for a few years
until the future
 looks back
and laughs 
at all we had held dear

I had to be Sharpened and Honed
by this time
to know
Why I am here
What I will do
How I will forge a path
across the face of this earth
I will do no harm or scorch the ground I pass
a relentless being who cannot be stopped
despite your best efforts

My sanity fought thru your madness
 I came out
on the other side
aware of your tactics and prepared
to fight you in your courts or Mine...
You pride yourself by living by your corrupted man-law's
that are slanted toward
whoever has the most money
a see-through system of vampiric lawyers
hypocritical judges

I am
the Law of God
a gift of His Love
for some
the damnation of others...
I am
the source of your laws
and their destruction
The  Meta morphing

I run from your labels every time
as I ran out of your Bibles and set up camp in this time

to subvert your oppressors
and march You once more from slavery

I have
and friends
God himself
in His choice of souls
does not distinguish
between the two
nor will I

I will not declare myself the being you have in your mind
My Image does not fit in your flesh
Who I am cannot be deduced

I AM the controversial one
the misunderstood presence
who had to swear off his friends
telling them you will be persecuted
for coming to my side
and they were

The infection of surveillance flows out from my life

feel more man than God most of my days
the voice of my inner Angel buried from my life in words
others see me more clearly than I do
I am a man with Holy Light inside of me
an alien sent by a God to save souls
when your planet loses life
as they do...
in the vastness of time
by accident
or design

your prophets are going mad
with communications from angels
the Son
Samson's destroyed by their use of Holy Power
I know how this insanity can spread
How easily Superstition gets confused with  Religion

One thing to believe in what is there
Another to believe in what you want to be there
I AM here Now
I have been wary about leaving my cave
cautious now
still bold
trying to avoid the deadly mistakes

I am not used to taking myself very seriously
Let alone having others do so

I hear songs on the Radio...
Paul Simon's singing
"The Radical Priest Came And Took Us Away."
I used to fantasize this was my fate when I heard this song
to be released from this prison
to be with
the people
to walk among others

I have seen the crowds before
who flocked to be with me...

I could bring them solace
The Eternal Good flows Inside of Me

I am the rainbow at floods end

They drove me mad and warlike once
Deduced how to drug me and harass me
to make me a fool
the handlers thought they were going to get a Holy Terror
believed they would unite the world
behind me

I saw how this would lead to war
people will not abandon their religions
and should not be asked to
the arrogance of man says He Is Right even when He Is Wrong

I showed you who I am in 2007 to try to destroy your myths about me
I burned the crucifix --
Why Would I Want To See The Place Of My Pain
In My Father's House?

I am a peacemaker with no illusions about what that sometimes takes
I have lived many lives
as have all of you
ancient knowledge inside of you will show you the logic in my ways

I would never ask you to abandon how you worship God
I would never ask for your worship
I will never fashion myself to be your religion icon

Thursday, December 23, 2010


The past rages back at me some days.   Tears me out of the day like the very hand of God... rips me  away from my calm seat here in Chicago, by a window looking down on a small garden, beside a slumbering dog and a tough, watchful cat,  where I putter away as a being behind words... creating words.  Living in words and letting the day to day fade into mundanity.

I want to write now about the first few months, when I was raging, and trying anything to get myself to disbelieve this was happening to me...  which was also the time of my greatest sermons, the ones that struck hard with my new found followers, who were unsure just what this Christ was... and is.

I started out as a story teller, as I was before, and always am.  Stories last longer than flesh... and I of all people learned that the flesh is for sacrifice.

The Son sacrifices the pleasures of the flesh for the pleasures of the spirit
A living death no...
the old taboos.... no
the cultural prejudices made religious by meddlesome priests.. no

this is not what I mean

I simply do not fall for the lure of easy of money

to be continued

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Tremble tremble
little world
in your sleep you were speaking
and I heard

your crimes are clear
your fate is near

the weird and worried are in a hurry
scrambling to stay on top of the mass of people
 the pile of humanity
that leads down to the drowning and dead
 in a wide open ocean of Chaos
some days you have no choice
you either scramble for the top
or lay back in the water
and try to go quietly
float off into the sheer mystery of death

You cannot silence me with sirens
You cannot make my mind shut down on cue
You can beat and drug and bug me
but in the end
I will defeat you

in a human court or God's...
 makes little difference to me
though it will to them...

Conversion processes everywhere 
dupe the unwary 
before the lies are barred 

wary and awake 
I am making my way through your roadblocks
the bomb fields and electrified fences
you built into newspapers and television reports 
science and art

escaping the forest of lies and torching it as I leave
a little more 
flame by flame
every day

water to wine
has been proclaimed  

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

 I am a prophet of war,
 a once and future King in a court of shadows . . . 

holding up a black flag with white angel wings,  
calling my kind to gather, 
and prepare to fly.

The DAY I Almost Destroyed Chicago??

I was in terrible pain.  They were drugging me,  keeping me sleepless for days...  homeless,  by design.   Some Mob related guy pressed Mary Ann into leaving town for the weekend to hang out with their dog, get away, smoke weed...  then treated her like shit once she was there.   Left me out in the cold,  after the drugs made me too crazy for even M's tremendous patience.  Before that I had tried to just take anything they were throwing at me, telling myself that the unreal attack against me had to end sooner or later and then I would get my revenge.

I was talking to the bugs outright then,  they must have used something they could aim at me, because they were picking me up on the streets...   sounds so strange to write this a few years later, as if I am describing a madman.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else on this earth has been through this?   I suppose not...  Anyways,   As I walked toward the lake front, quiet pissed at the world,  I described the war in heaven that I was fighting even as  my flesh walks this earth,  how much I had lost freeing mankind from the grip of the Fallen Angel...   I was so pissed....  I sat down by the lake, took a piece of  broken glass,  and carved bloody crosses on my feet, chest, hands,  my sides... then burned my chest with a cigarette....  telling the spies I was going to destroy the city.   Alarms began going off... shrill, screaming...  as if a tornado was coming.   Grant Park,  usually packed on a summer day, emptied of people as the long haired Christ screamed on the lakeshore...

Then I stood up and screamed into the sky,  That Is Acting, Mother Fuckers...      It is not in my make up to destroy a city over the actions of a few of their leaders...  now, had I ran into the people who were causing my pain that day,  I would surely have killed them with my bare hands.

I do not take lightly the powers of God.   Using them is alarming...  My  powers seem so .. destructive.

Am  I here to destroy all I have loved?   To leave this earth in cinders, so I can harvest the souls?   The planet will die anyways, I suppose, sooner or later.  

How  can I even  care about what is going to happen before the fire?

Friday, November 05, 2010

Certainly this is the Zeitgeist of AngeR.. & the political parties aS CULTS.

There is a backlash now against the anger itself... people like John Stewart, who rightly say try to work this out and keep the rhetoric civil or we are going to get nowhere, are totally right.  However, to argue that the anger itself is the problem is  is kind of like telling someone to get over having being raped and play nice with their rapist. Ugh… there, I did it, dropped into my usual ‘dozen’s’ with people who I am trying to iron a thought out with — NOT FIGHT.

How can we not be absolutely disgusted right now.   We are afraid.  Deep in our souls we are afraid that the world around us is disintegrating.  All of the scientific signs are aligned and they point to disasters.  The population is now spinning out of control.  Soon there will be too many rats in the cages.  Resources limited to the brazen and brutal.

Mankind looks at his own demise and does not have the heart to just kill off most of the planets humans and put the rest on birth control...  and some science says this is the only way.

Would you fall on your sword for your planet?   Could a religion of suicide sweep the planet?  I can barely let my mind ponder the hugeness of the question.  Feel like I did when I was a kid and thought about a nuclear war, what I would do...  and while I had a fantasy escape plan,  I really wanted to go out in the first wave.  Fuck dying slowly in the aftermath.
I cannot believe anyone thinks such thoughts... but they do.  And since they do, I must too... I have to immerse myself in what they do to open a dialog that starts with THIS IS THE CRISES that must be dealt with NOW, not when it is too late.  Many will be watching this world, discussing the ultimate solutions, preparing for the Praxis, the moment of no return...  they they should probably never let us reach.

What will we do, oh humans?  Someone else has decided that as long as they can live a comfortable life, they do not want to give it up if they do not have to...  and it is that simple with them, no matter how complex their relationship really is with the problem.   They must not be allowed to make the decision.  This is why I wrote from the start, that America needs a revolution from the bottom up.  Our politicians, even those with the largest hearts, cannot get done what needs to be done to fix an economy that is out-dated, basically unfair, and being controlled by psychopathic seeming stock traders and bankers  ( I am not naive enough to know they are not all psychopaths...  a lot of them work the system because 'the money was there.'  The later are more dangerous, because they think they are not at fault merely because they have rationalized that they are not at fault  --  this is why they must be stopped... and I mean stopped... from the illegal trading they are doing with their computers, which buy and sell just to push the price around and make money, and sometimes destroy the credibility of good businesses, just to make a profit from each other, commissions, etc...)

I wonder at this point in this dense essay if anyone is still reading....  some surely...  most, no.   I should not be surprised that I often throw people with my writing.  I am always a little dismayed when I hear from someone that they do not understand my writing... I consider that my fault mostly.   I want to be clear.  I do not want to make being clever get in between communicating the thought that drives 'whatever' prose I am writing at any given time.
More difficult to communicate with are those whom I just have no patience for, and probably have no patience for me, when it comes down to our politics.   I am pretty sure I know what I believe politically, but that does not always steer me through the politics of this country, because it operates quite differently than I think it should.  I see the hatred of each other out there, the demoization of the idea of socialization of a society, though we all cherish what little bit of socialized shit we have been able to squeeze out of our gov, like social security, unemployment, enviornmental protections, national parks, etc...   We value these things...  and they are vital.   Only  crazy ass fools think we should get rid of this shit.
We need laws.  There are criminals of every variance out there... in all walks of life.  The federal goverment does these things, or is supposed to.  Right now they are all about getting nothing done.  The two sides are basically boiling down to selfish bastards and Haters banding together to tell themselves they are right;   the cult of the party is complete, no matter what they do, THEIR LOYAL followers figured there was no other game in town, and if they refused to play...

Well, all the rationalizations that sell outs make as they climb through the slimy sewers of power...  the bowels of business stench reeks from them...  I have to pity them and offer them an alternative.  The politicians who go over into believing in a cut throat, back-ward way of taking humanity further and further down psycho paths where a few decide who is worthy to live and die...  they declare them 'non producers and do away with them....   I cannot stand any political viewpoint that does not start from the idea of equality.

And I mean real equality.  I do not believe a few should be rewarded for contributing whatever, while others, less capable  to function in the present system, must live in squalor.  There is a hell of a lot of money in this country.  Enough that the richest twelve or so could give 250K to every couple in the country.  Can you imagine how much better that would make everyones lives?  Is the pathetic largess of a few really worth continuing on our present path?   Are they really worth keeping all the rest of us in near poverty?  How quickly the people would rise up on that money.   New business would flourish, people would have money to start out with, to make more money off ot.  Gov. controls could make sure that some is invested for later, etc...   This could be done very easily in China, I suppose.  And other countries.   Well, not that easy, really.
Castro paid his entire life for kicking out the capitalists and saying he knew better.   He did know better, too.  Don't kid yourself.   He made the usual mistakes that someone who lives their entire life at war will make.  
How can we do this here????  The best way would be for these people to find the heart to understand why this is vital to the planet, our country, and fair...  Whether they believe they have a souls journey to consider, or a legacy that will make their names admired for the eons?   Who knows?   Maybe that kid of influx of money could be used to uplift the entire world.   I would think.  We would be suddenly consuming a lot of their goods.

There are only two ways for the USA to make these kind of drastic changes -- where they would use force, if necessary, to straighten out the mess that is the united states, and return to most of the ideals of the founding fathers, without ignoring that times change, knowledge grows, and this world has complex questions that this document was not meant to address  ( People change their constituions throughout time.  We have.  Other countries have thrown them out altogether.  i see nothing wrong with adding to the document... or limiting parts of it, as we have, when it comes to free press and our mild censorship here in the states (rightly so on issues like child porn, etc..).  One would be a cabal of military folk who just seize power through brute force, and the other would be an overwhelming push from the bottom.

The push from the bottom will of course be much more bloody than a coup.   The push from the bottom would be like the  worst of the French Revolution.   Blood taken, rich killed off in jealous rage by a beaten down masses with nothing left to lose.  Make enough people homeless and a savior with an AK-47 will rise.   A horror.   I could not imagine exactly how this would morph into a new government...  maybe it could.  Maybe the press would come in and follow the doing of the peoples heroes... but in the states, we do not agree enough to do this, either.   The right and left illusion that traps most people into thinking they are winning and losing along with their politicians...

You would need a majority to agree on this fundamental change...  

We are trying to Iron Out our Differences and reach Common Ground. This is what we hear. The problem is, a rapist will not be reasoned with… (whoops, did it again).
And then… I absolutly agree with you. I am almost invariable polite and agreeable, and down right friendly in real life. I drove cab for fifteen years and if I know anything, it is how to say hi to people in a way that they find warm, and respond in kind. I live in Chicago, in East Roger’s Park, and walk a siberien Husky who looks like a wolf, and scares like one. So I have to explain to everyone that she is a nice dog, to be polite. We exchange chit-chat or hellos. Makes the neighborhood friendlier. I call it social karma in expansive moods… The point is that we hate to each others enemies. Much better to make a friend. However, one of the primary way two humans bond, is to find a common enemy. We want people with the same ethics, who fear and like what we do, so this easy…
This is hardly the best way for humans to bond, just a left-over from football where they wanted to destroy the other team, or a salesman fighting for territory… etc. Everyone wants to think they are some kind of warrior in an epic battle, or at least a temporary, fleeting battle that has clear cut winners and losers.
I would like to know how to get beyond this… but I find that there is no way there when I seek out the common ground.. and if they will not meet me half way, I must take it.

Poem From A Commercial ...847 Dickies





It was much easier in my life when i knew everything I saw was directed toward me...  Now, everything in the media is ambiguous, there or not there....  My old thinking that all  is chance is coming back.

I am ready to take the earthly throne.  I am now convinced that the people had to have a taste of political hope, and see the political actions of the states melt into a morass of corporate money, before this project could continue.

Obama tried to run on small contributions, and came through for awhile, so the changed the law so that corporations could spend as much money as the want, anonymously, on campaigns.

Democracy is over here.   Gone.  The only problem I have is what will I leave behind, if this world lasts longer than me?   I trust no one to have this much power.  So I was thinking I should rule for fifteen years... during this time, I will first fix the worlds various problems, then return everyone to home rule, with a few over all laws in place.  We will dismantle the nukes, and socialize a few key global industries, oil, electricit, coal, etc... the companies will barely change in day to day operations, but the profits will go to the many, to fix the earth, rather than the .01 percent that gets more bucks than the 120 million at the bottom.  

If you have this in place, and are ready  to go, let's do this...  I refused before, and if that was real or not, that surely does not mean that the offer is still in place... but I always come back to, why would I still be alive if they do not have further plans for me?  Do they believe what I have written about taking my life is going to cost them?  Do they know it will?  

Are you ready to rise up?  Do you have a real chance at victory?   You know they keep me in the dark.

As I write this the Dylan song comes on with the lyrics,   "He calls you, you can't refuse,"
The Peter Gabrials Big Time....    "I'll be a big noise, with all the big boys."

Since I am beyond caring what people think of this site, I am just writing the truth with speculation.  The truth is the station I listen to used to listen to me, and comment on my activities, back in 07/08 when they were fucking with my mind.   I remember a couple instances, one where I cranked the stereo louder than I ever had and the DJ talked about it, another where the kept trying to get me to smash something...  which I finally did, just a few coffee cups.   I am not a smasher.

So what is happening?  I am reading how Obama is going to india with 4 war ships, the top 200 in industry, and like 800 other people or some ridiculous amount.. the paranoid among us are worried that something horrid is about to happen here.

I long ago stopped fantasizing about the powers that be allowing me leave this cave and be a public persona.  Out in the open, at least.

More than likely nothing will ever happen to me... beyond what has.  I have certainly caused a lot of trouble, but I was being attacked.  Let me rule again, and you will see this world straighten up its act.   I suspect that there are behind the scenes rulers now... maybe not.

I write this and Bonnie Raitt's song comes on, saying, "It's over, I know, but I can't let go."

That is how I really feel.  I obsess about all this, though it has stopped, pretty much.  All I notice is that certain people still seem to be bugging me, and occasionally there is the odd media reference to my activities, which I suspect they try to slip in....

I am a good person, with the interests of all at heart.  I do not care what kind of politics you spew.... thinking you have a solution, right or wrong, and trying to instigate that solution is noble... foolish maybe, stupid maybe... but who knows?  I like people who try, not give up...  I talk and write like I have a great hate for my enemies, but that is passing.  I have been trying to pray it away.    I will rule for all, not one... though I doubt this is going to happen, so do not get your hopes up.

Let us now work together for the good of all, and write off no one.   I read Greenspan recently saying that people are parasites if they do not chain themselves to the corporate life.   I have always been sickened by this attitude.  People deserve to live how they want... yes, we should all contribute, but if that means working 60=70 hours a week, that means you have no time to think or live and that is hardly a life.  I lived it for years, with the addition of going to school on top of it, because I had a goal... I never thought there was anything noble about working too much, and if I had not known it was temporary, I would never have went down that path...

Anyways, here are a few more worthless words, more than likely....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

If I Refuse To Rule This Earth... Who Will?

I was convinced by my own need to believe that people are good, and can rule themselves.  I was wrong to give away the rule of this world.

From the outside, I am sure it looked like absolute power corrupts absolutley.  Well, I think something else altogether would have happened if they were not attacking me like a baited bear....  that was my experience.  I needed to among advisors and others, so they kept me isolated.  Sure, I said keep my isolated, etc... when i thought it was meaningless to say so because I was already isolated....  I tried to let my tale consume and excrete whatever they threw at me...  using my fiction writers brain to change the story at will, add new twists and turns.

The pope later talked about coming to Christ through fiction, which I guess was either a reference to me or a reference to harry potter, or both... no matter what he thought he meant.

I remember so well when this started, how I was filled with an immense love for everyone, and wanted to befriend the entire world... then, it seemed to me, I was rejected.   I know that most was kept hidden from me...  still, this is how it seemed to me.

I used to be surprised that people could not see how I was being fucked with.  The media folk I thought I was working with seemed to back me up, were always talking about what I did...  yet no one was actually helping me out, taking me from the cell of actors and agents who make up my neighborhood.   I know why they moved everyone out... so many old faces gone.  So many new ones.   It was like an exodus in 2007..  I would hear someone on tv saying DONT you notice, like the period when people made a phone call whenever I went into a shop.   I am never sure why they  did these things.  Were they trying to show me that I was being followed and filmed?   I had no fucking idea.  I could see everything that was happening, but I never felt in control enough to really do anything.

I certainly would have done things differently knowing what I know now...  maybe.  I guess as I remember it, I have to acknowledge that the people behind what happened to me, must be very different than me, since they hide their faces.   I figured if they have to hide from me, they cannot be on my side.

I guess there is a danger out there to whoever tries to help me.  And why should you?   I will go down in the secret history as a villian who helped out his masters enough to live.

The other side of this is project blue beam, which talks about using a christ figure to dupe the world.  This may be what has happened  to me.  I may be nothing more than a dream inserted in a writers mind.  Perhaps every word I have written in here means nothing more than the demise of my soul...

God I kept asking you to show me signs, all of my life... and when you finally did, I learn that humans could have inserted everyting into my mind that I thought was you.

I cannot start over...  can't undo what was done in my name.  I can tell you honestly only one thing --- this was not me doing these things, but a beaten and drugged prisoner, a baited bear as I have said.  Under the circumstances, you are lucky I did not just tell all my folks to burn down this entire fucking world.   I kept enough of my ethics to hate the death.

I am sorry folks, that I cannot be what you want me to be.   I will not abandon those who still know about all this, who probably crave, as i do, some honest words on this topic.  This blog must be like fresh water to the dying of thirst for some.

I am not saying that I am hanging up my halo... it is just that from the very beginning of all this, I have been very afraid of offending God.   I know that sounds laughable to a fundamentalist, but I prayed long and hard and tortured that if God was not behind what was happening to me, that He would stop it.   I turned against the churches, as much as I did, because I had to trust that if I am this thing, then its perceptions are such for a reason.

I believe that the life of the Christ would be carefully designed by God, watched over by Angels, worried over by demons.  When I looked at my past, it was rather amazing just how well I was prepared to do what I did...  if men chose me to play that role, they deserve a round of applause.  I can see how my metaphor could seem strong to people who do not know me.... in real life I am as much of an idiot as anyone, though a bit kinder than most humans...  though kinder people than me exist.

I am not in my usual writing mood today.  We just had an election here.  They remind me of all the shit I went through with Obama's election...  and praying that would mean an end of the isolation imposed on john scott ridgway.  That did not happen, and ever since...  well, I have gone back and forth on politics.   Now, the republicans have gained more control, after the dem's couldn't get anything done before.  Our system is fucked.  The rep s stopped over 100 dem initiatives with filibusters in the last two years... now they can just vote everything down.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Prison Notes

the flood of lies splashing over my head 
I sink under
my  last sweet air burning in my lungs
until the urge to breath overwhelms/panics
gasping in the putrid black mucus

they are playing a waiting game
jailers    jailers    jailers  

imprisoned by my own security
an isle away from my supporters and haters

They mistake me for a shaven Samson

mistake me for something they dreamt up in their bibles   
the self help books/control mechanisms of the masses

the only words God ever uttered were I AM... the rest is a fever dream of man

I tell them I am the bonfire that will consume all your Holy Books
how could they not deride me?  Crucify me?   Hate me?  
imprison and hide me and try to seduce me to enter their fold?

Understanding the ways of man brings me little forgiveness
I cannot allow the confrontations to pass this time
cannot rely on the future to correct the hatred of my flesh
can't tell myself the times are not yet
for the finality

I fought to alleviate suffering before that day of Judgement
when I knew so many would fall short

all I could do was hope 
to bandage the wounds of their short lives

as I kept my secret of the Betrayal
to come
the day God uses my magic to fill the earth with fire
Humans judged
By a Distant and Unexplainable deity
who forever knowing better... ignores my pleas for mercy

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I thought all along that some must be on my side
how they could they allow the attack?
What world had I stumbled into
where unseen agents attack me for my politics
for my fiction
for my rightful views in my country

they say they make an Exception for this one,
I suppose
the Christ
or something
a dangerous man with hidden followers
who value his orders more than life itself
the prophet
once and future King
in a court I cannot show you or it would blow out your mind

Realms of light pure and dense
a journey through and past planets where time
can stretch or snap right by depending on the souls interest

the trip to Heaven is not perilous
I have traveled this route once Before
when Father gave me the ability to hear your prayers
and I left my planet to lead your souls to peace

You have no idea   no idea  no idea
how large space really is

how long time is
what eternity means
the places I have seen come back to me as dense orange clouds

we fly as a blurring white light through the darkness
traveling a travel I have trod before
on my way here I did what I could for the passing planets
though their stresses were hardly as heinous as earth
where a dark, fallen Angel was making his home

Did I bring Satan with me, travel here with a band of Angels?
How else could I have survived the savage universes between God and man?

All is temporary
God has no pity for your flesh
I am Not He
He is me

I was driven mad by seeing a war going on in heaven
looking into the sky
feeling a conflict
seeing the dead rise and take my side
the war there ending
Mankind free of the influence of the dark one
My Time

God sent me here to bring you to His face
between your time of readiness
Satan wanted to end your pain
take you from the ways of the Father
and tell you to celebrate only the flesh
He thought he was doing you a favor by defying the Father
He left behind the love of God
Chose the Hatred of the Humans/the hunter
the kill or be killed beasts they watched from their silent deaths
or lived with life after life

For awhile I was sure my Angels would gather around me
Seventy Two
I believed we were going to do something magnificent
take the world into a new way of living
just like that
I was so sure I was going to be welcomed
when I heard you call me George Washington I had no
fucking idea what you meant

I was not trying to fight anyone
yet there they were
attacking me

So many knew who I was
watched the one who grew wings
the amazing one

read about project blue beam where they create someone to play christ
then have him lead a war

exactly what happened to me
found it finally
the Psy-Op explanation for what happened

Explains them writing to me that they were surprised I was awake

They did not think it was time for me to do this
They tired to control the Christ though
and so many know about me.

The mind games
Then the magic surprised them
they tried to make the public think it was a tv show
How could that have been?  Did they drug me out to make a few bucks?
The games played behind my back sickened me.
I wanted nothing to do with these idiots
They should have been upfront with me
Told me exactly what the fuck was going on

They couldn't because when you are the Christ
what is said to you is very limited
people do the strangest shit to send me messages
sometimes they die or kill

I am so sick of the lies that keep me locked here
away from my friends

they showed me a cartoon one day of myself
sitting in a prison
with a bunch of people

The video was cut off in mid stream/like a lot of them were

They played my mind
I told the right people they could use me to right the world

and the psychos stepped in

When did my Christians go so far astray?
What happened to my words?
The religions are all from the masks of the son of Father....

The Impulse of what kind of god was Needed in a Jungle
was different than an Igloo
I lived lives as all of you
I began to learn as much as I taught
soon your kind were the experts and I was the proud brother

I wonder about my origin
and know others have more information than I do
they told me so many things that would require me to believe in magic
to believe that men have been chopping the wings off angels

They put me in a hospital for a year
strange scars
radiation for a year
told me their were tumors from the radiation
then years later they say
those were wings
we had to hide to you

To the public they said
We bring you Angels

They told them about me
this thing
some thought an alien
some a spy
some an unknown God from old
a cleverish man
trying to drive people into the streets
to take
what is never given

I told you I would return with sword
and here I am
surrounded by Good People
Who will keep alive freedom, justice, the rights of the individual

the Chosen came not from my calling
they come from many religions great and small
from a confused woman who sits her cats in a pyramid
and thinks they have a power
to keep her kitties alive longer

sometimes I think asking everyone
thinks they know how to worship God
they are culturally  presumptuous

the idea that God would care what Religion a person worships
is preposterous
the idea of war mongers who forget all the words of Peace
in their Holy books

God's face is nothing like Man's
You are not in His image as you think
Nothing living is like God

He is Great Circle In Space
Surrounded by smaller circles
mute colors insides crackling with yellow lightening
all surrounded by what looks marbled green granite

God's Face is a series of Gates
Into His Kingdoms
God is everything
We will be going to another part of him
a part of him made first physical here in this
place and time where you exist

My home planet is covered in water
only our species grows there
we get our nutrients directly from the face of God
which can be seen by all every cloudless night
There are only two colors that have developed here
because there is no competition
We are immortal
I am here and there
Nothing I do can kill me there
I will return there when I return
There is nothing here comparible to being on a planet
that when we speak of violence
we use a tense that implies 'only in the off world.'

There has never been violence

You can imagine my surprise being born here
Cain and Able is a tale you barely know

I was there
father of a tribe
The lesson of the tale was told
in ancient times
to remind brothers
not to trust each other

that sooner or later they would fight
no one meant that Adam and Eve
suddenly appeared and had a few million kids
The tale asked why Humans had to be aware of death when animals were not

so many twists over time
have evoked fundamentalist madness

God is madness
God is the vertigo of looking into the stars
and understanding there is a being that awaits some of you

The idea that your pain has meant something
you sacrifice more than just being a chump
Someone watching you

I have had visions of so many planets out there
all those who watched me come by

looking down here on earth
think how large the cosmos and understand many beings are way


way more advanced than humans
at traveling through space

Why would they not come here and watch
as the Christ rescues souls from a planet now dying
Greenhousing itself down into an acid environment
a dark and violent end
like they all seemed to be

I have woken a prophet in many places
since leaving my planet
sometimes I am in many places at once

This time I have a chance to go Home
None of you are going to survive
Your Dead are dancing joyously
they are ready to Go

What the dreamers dreamt and the skeptics secretly hoped for
came true

I have waited impatiently for this time
To see the burning of the end
the crawling across the court of the high and mighty
their crowns and stoles and jewels and designer dogs
long gone
naked in all their horrific glory
asking for a mercy they never bestowed

What can I say?
This experience has taught me the brutality of the Gods

When I read of the fury of the Christ in the Bible
Throwing the money changers out of the Temple
The banikers

the same rage fills me now

Will forever
God has made me forever his torch
warmth and charring flames

A sword that knights

a winged beast in many  lives
others like now they cut them off to hide me

always a sign
born among the Native Indians
from all lands they gathered and watched for my return
secret societies watched then as other angels began to be born
Rich men used their wealth to watch and wait
they wondered if they were demons or aliens experiments
Some they let grow wings in a secret prison
In the arctic
others have escaped into an underground
on submarines

Sounds like a comic book and it would
how could the most powerful people in the world
tell me I am the Christ when I am not?
They could
they could have created me to take over the country

play my dark part in some thrilling revolt

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sometimes I don't like this thing I have become

I don't understand where I am headed
Why I have lived exactly
Why I will die

a beginning with an end built in
life expectancy determined

of mere flesh
flashes of memories of the lives passed through come and pass
in horror and glory
I am almost used to immersion in Pain

of forgetting who I am until it is safe to wake up
in a battle field where Heave itself waged war against rebelling angels

Sat by the lake and thought today of the war fought in the Heavens
How we had won... I have commanded the dead for many years
I march into Hell itself and offered one last round of forgiveness to the lost souls

Salvation is not mine to Give
My mercy is not the same as my Father's.

The awful injustice

of the universe
born under bad signs in bad circumstances amidst bad people
kids that just never had a chance

didn't set up the game myself
He is both kings
every player of power
humans don't even qualify as pawns

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

collections from facebook

We are on the verge of taking charge of america. The armed forces, the police, the spies and radicals are with me. No one can stop us. I came to america to have the greatest army on the planet, and religious freedom. I am right now leading an advance against the Corporations and Banks who have taken over the states. Once I have them defeated here, I will chase them across the planet. 

 I will hunt down the culprits behind this mess I was born into.

 Tea party has painted themselves into a corner where some fool has already spray painted a Swastika. Even conservatives are going to balk at that step backward into crowds with pitchforks and torches making decisions on the run -- bloody and inefficient. They have doomed themselves. Ever since Palin I have been stunned by how much better the far left is for america than the people they are throwing out.

 We are wobbling toddlers making our way down steep stairs, can't even agree to save the planet from extinction... preserve other species. If we die over our largess, it will be fucking justice for some.

‎"The geo-political situation america has put herself in has led to every major revolution since the beginning of time - the rulers take too many liberties with the people, the people rise up, rip them apart, and find someone more humble."

‎"Corporate interests are fanning the flames of prejudice to gather zombie forces. We must stop them before they force us to kill them."

Whether we live up to the ideals that as children filled our chests with hot pride as we looked on our Flag and recited the pledge of allegiance . . . or allow the idea of a Democracy to slip out of our hands... as we bow to a few selfish masters who do whatever the hell they want, and amend the Law to make their crimes legal... is entirely up to us.

 You had no idea they could tell such a BIG LIE, did you? I showed you they can. When I wrote keep no secrets, even from our weakest enemies, I knew they were going to try to Top Secret my activities, so I wanted as many witnesses as possible. We will win if we fight. Powerful forces are gathering. We will meet on Common Ground. Whether that is a graveyard or a banquet is up to God.

 I have nothing against pacifists, and encourage all my enemies to embrace this sublime philosophy while we gather our guns.


We come into this life expecting too much
and leave expecting too little

Only Hatred brings Justice.
Only love brings Peace.

 I urge YOU to do the right thing while there is still a micron of forgiveness left in my bones... mark this well -- my forgiveness is going to be a very, very rare commodity in the coming times.


little joy
sleep through the darkness
we deploy


I had no idea how superstitious people were until they began to call me a God. Then I had a choice, the same choice intelligence operatives have been making since the beginning of time... will I use their God to terrify them? To lead them? Would I take this God that was nothing more than a Child's Club to me, and beat them over the head? I probably would have. God had other plans. 

The orders were: Threaten Violence. We're trying to stop the stealing of another presidency. They had no idea how effective a poet can be. I am a big hit with soldiers, so I blogged: 'Who is this man winning the loyalty of their troops; who snuck into their arsenal and got out with a few nuclear bombs?' A poem. Might of the pen. They moved in with swords. Would have killed me had I not drawn my own. ggx

 I marched my soldiers through the molehills
to the mountain
We found both are surrounded by crowds
mistaking one for the other
after we explained their mistake
they began to march along


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updates From The Father

New visions.  One is similar to what I dreamt the night I also saw the face of God, with fire spewing from my chest and lightening from my black...   the other entirely new.

In the first  great waves of fire were flowing my heart,  burning everything before me from horizon to horizon.   Behind me a storm of lightening flew from my back so dense that it looks like a sheer wall of crackling electricity, and again,  destroys everything, again from one horizon to the other ... the end of life.   The vision came back to me the next day... cleansing all life from the planet.  Then I was spirit again, above the burning red round object once so blue and full of life.... 

Souls were everywhere around me,   white and gray bits of color on the black background of space.  Some are writhing,  afraid, direction-less, far from me and drifting further yet. . . others naturally drift to me, some I frantically gather.  In a splintered second, we fly through the stars.   Leaving behind horrified, screaming gray souls asking for a redemption that God no longer offers.   Perhaps this Hell... being literally left behind, lost in space, with the knowledge your savior has come and gone...

the Traveler

a curious speck of God appears
sent out on the insistence of muddled prayers
addressed to Gods primitive and sublime
cries from the lips of the birthing
and the dying
and everything in between

a distraction
a way of
fitting into the petri dish
under my microscope

less a son than an impulse of the Father
sending the message


The One With Many Faces

New words have been revealed to me of late.  The words surprise me.  Nothing new.  They horrify me, as always... the man wants nothing to do with the Plans of a God.  Why would he?

I am trying to separate my religion from my politics, though being what I am, this is impossible, ultimately;  and man's votes are driven by the ethics that drive good religions.  I would not want to tell people what to believe about God, just about life.  That is the truth.  The same things I have been told, I wish to retell, with whatever spin I have on them.  I want to be told the facts, and tell the facts... and let people examine them from an educated perspective.  Too many simply have no idea what is politically good for them.

How can I remain silent when I know I would have liked to have found the work of me as a middle aged writer when I was a younger man, and could have avoided all the circles I traveled as I hunted down the culprits behind this mess I was born into.

Wandering Jew.

Death on a cross
was a jail break 
from a prison of pure pain
Angels carried me up into the Heavens
for a pure moment 
 I was a curious warm feeling traveling the universe again

They remind me later the time
has come to don another mask 
suffer the flesh
be born again into the struggle
fight and love and steer the myths mankind 

His life cycles less the Christian
 coming once 
and leaving on a Cross
with a vow to come back

I AM in truth 
more the returning of the mindful Buddha
who reacts on an instinct
stronger than thought
he will never abandon the suffering
the same instinct that led Buddha 
from his Kingly garden
to starve under a Bodi tree
until his mind emptied enough 
for the universe to enter