The ongoing story of Jesus waking up in Chicago, in the body of an agnostic writer,
who is nothing like the Son of God the right-wing Christians watching him expected.

You are welcome to share my work with a link bank... keep getting asked this...

Last time I was here, I told them I would not lead a revolution, that I was there to spread heresy. The crowds thinned. The day they killed me, I marched alone... This time I have returned to find Romes Soldiers Sleeping, content they have killed off the Troublesome Jew. I was surprised how bloody the Indiana boy became as my sword fell again and again ....

In the years since this story began in 2007, my secret fame has spread out from the halls of power that kept me secret all these years, as they waited for the Christ to finally wake up...

I try to imagine their anticipation.

Remember a dream I had in my twenties about running thru Chicago screaming that Christ was coming back, and man oh man was I happy... a cloud came through the middle of the skyscrapers above me, in the thin strip of blue above Dowtown State street, and I expected to see Christ... instead, just a bunch of musicians painted up like Ziggy stardust.

I surprised my keepers. They thought they had me figured out from the Bible. If that book could have told you everything, there would be no need at all for me.

Jesus: "I have become Known across this planet as a dangerous man with a growing force of hidden followers who value my orders more than life itself. A prophet of war. Once and future King in a court of shadows. Life and death in my hands every damn day. I ROAR, your most mighty shit themselves and run. I make myself a known threat, so I can try to negotiate what otherwise requires bullets and blood. I am here to free the enslaved in body and mind. I cannot be defeated. When the Will of God and The WILL OF THE PEOPLE ARE ONE, NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN STOP US!"


We come into this life expecting too much and leave expecting too little

Thursday, October 30, 2008

gay marriage is cool... let them decide for themselves.

This is from the aclu... they have a form at their site to fill out to send a message to people you know in California to vote NO on this proposition... the fundamental right for a sub culture to have the same rights as the over culture is a tenant of the United States that we must protect in any guise.

On November 4th, voters in California will be asked to vote on Proposition 8.

If passed, Proposition 8 would end marriage for same-sex couples in California, eliminate a fundamental right for many Californians and dash hopes for marriage equality in many states around the country.

All the polls show that this election could go either way. By making just a few calls or sending just a few emails, you could help make the difference. Please, don’t let this fundamental right be taken away. Learn more.

Tell all your friends and family in California to vote NO on Prop 8.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


THE United States has a bit of socialism built into our Capitalist system. We should have had a bit more government control, instead of allowing the heartless market to just flip and flop about based on the anxiety of a bunch of frat-freak traders. The redistribution of wealth has been happening in the states always. This is a basic tenant of the old thought, Noblesse Oblige... the Obligation of Nobility. A lot of wealthy people are glad they pay taxes for nice streets, etc... schools, etc...

The problem has been that the political sides of the jobs associated with the governments, such as people who contract to do street work, have been given out to people who do political work for THE MACHINE. T^his means the best people do not get the jobs...

People then lose faith in the government to do anything. This denigrates all the millions of folk who have worked well for the government. Nepotism, chronies, etc...are the worst workers.

This is what people do here -- they find sponsors in the political world. This is another reason I got out of working in politics. I found raising money, which I was good at and inevitably ended up doing in some capacity, demeaning. Then when a govern er Celeste whom I worked for refused to close down a series of homes for the mentally challenged where the employees were taking them home and making porno movies. This was discovered two days before the election, and the Governor decided he would let it go on two more days.... My friend went to his opponent, the sitting Governor, and got those places shut down and the creeps busted. After that, I raised money for Citizens For A Better Environment when I first moved to Chi town. Politics is a nightmare. Serious, serious, shit. Soul crushing, hair graying.

I feel good about Biden, and have always known Obama was my choice, though I would have supported anyone who will turn around this train wreck of a country. The Neo Cons got their way, through trickery and lies that kept the opinion of the citizens from having anything to do with their decisions to go to war, and pass fiscal policies that destroyed the surplus Clinton brought to the country, and the US people have woke up, and are not going to let the damned ones lead us any more.

If Obama loses though... I heard two young black kids on the train discussing how they would jump in front of a bullet for Barrack, and how they wanted to be his body guard. When one saw my hat, we bumped fists and talked politics for a minute.

The night before, coming home from a Halloween party in a suite, the train was packed but this one guy had his small bag on this seat, and he was one of these angry young black guys who is going to do whatever he can get away with... I point at his bag and say, Hey, I need you to move your bag so I can sit there.

He looks at me like he can kick my ass. I pick up his bag and toss it into his lap, sit down and since he is half on my seat, I shove him back and keep my elbow on his ribs, because he is doing the same to me. Mary Ann was all worried because this guy was looking at me like he could kick my ass. I was ready to destroy him at the slightest move with two fingers into his throat and my thumb into his eye. He was just a pussy though. We sat there, me in that cold anger I get when injustice makes me choke... I am one fearless mo fo. I know my Father has plans for me, and that I will win any righteous fight that I get in. I have never picked on people, been a bully of any sort, and am polite as hell with everyone at first, though I take no shit from anybody.

Strange, how different life is for people. The angry guy and the two kids filled with hope. I imagine the one guy had been in jail. He had the look, and what he was doing was just so over the top ... he had this tiny bag and the train was packed.

I of course was in a lot of pain, from having done a bit too much for my broken back. I had been up all the night before working, then went to operation push, then spent six hours at a party... so my pain level was intense, despite my even taking a couple vicodins on top of my usual hand full of pills... This is usually when I go off, I hate to say. Being in pain twenty four seven effects everything. I have some mornings when I wake with barely any pain, or none, though if I do not take my pills within a half hour or so the pain will catch up with me. Funny how straight I was all those years going to school and working out, with cigarettes and coffee my only vices... and that now I am forced to use drugs. Weird ironies in life.

The socialist shit about Obama is crazy. I guess the entire neo con block are panicking at this point. THe racist skin heads are going to get a big surprise. Their children will study in school a great black man who straightened out the country, and became a great world leader who lived his entire life in the service of his fellow man. Or they will go into their home schools... these scare the hell out of me. I am completely for public schools, though of course they need to be funded correctly, and run by people who have nothing to do with Scientology. The world needs to collectively, like scientists, all move toward the truths together, not just shatter into a bunch of different myths that we all try to defend to our death.

This is why I do not care what religion someone is or is not, I care about their ethics, philosophies, behaviors, curiosities, potentials... I am interested in the ways that people experience God. I hate the use of God to make money, though... the cults that sell bottles of water for eighty bucks and teach basic breathing techniques that make them think the water is responsible for their burst of serotoni. I learned how to start a cult, and easily could with my knowledge... what a sickening idea. I was told that two were started by my writing. This is not my intent. I am here to scribe to words that God feeds me... I will soon enough share all of my eastern knowledge and hypno stuff on mp3's you'll be able to use to get to sleep, take mental walks, etd... some are very intense. OTHERS, like reincarnation therapy, I would have to do in person, because you are supposed to stop people from reexperiencing your death... and my visions were both of the times just before my death, I think... in one, I was a torry, and being dragged down to a pier, in Boston, and hung. I had the knee socks, a fat gut, one of those white wigs... in the second I was a native american running through very tall, brown grass... we were fighting a calvary unit, though we had no horses. Oddly enough, my brother Mike had much the same native american vision, and we later found out we have some native american blood on my mother's side. Her father really looked like a native american. He was short and stocky with jet black hair right up into his eighties.

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There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Egypt: Laila Echoes Reverberate in the Land of the Nile
A small portrait of the translator
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 @ 23:44 UTC
by Nermeen Edrees

This post is also available in:

مصر: صدى “ليلى” يتردد في بلاد النيل...

In its third year, the Kolena Laila campaign took a different turn, reaching out to women with no access to the Internet and giving them a chance to speak to the world.

The annual event, spearheaded by Egyptian female bloggers, aims at giving women, identified as Laila, a chance to speak up and have their say.

In the words of the organizers of the We Are All Laila campaign, the event geared at posting podcasts, featuring interviews with women from all walks of life:

“The third year of Laila brings about a wider range of participation to comprise other categories that do not have access to the internet, and still maintain the track line of the first year’s theme. This year’s theme is to gather audio testimonies and stories of elderly women, for instance grandmothers, and women who do not use the internet, due to social or economic reasons. Such authentic audio testimonies give an air of vividness and are rather expressive; they also stand as an audio archive of the experiences of older generations of mothers and grandmothers for generations to come. However, Laila’s main track line is still there: to write or record Laila’s problems and issues and having the speaking up opportunity.”

Not many female bloggers really adhered to this year's main idea, except for Bent Masreya [Ar], who uploaded an interview with an Egyptian girl and discussed with her the obstacles females face in Egypt.

Another blogger, Ma3t [Ar], chose to honor her late grandma by writing about her struggle with education in Egypt from 1944 to 1948.

As for Manal, she hosted her mother who intrigued us with her experience with the new neighborhood she has recently moved to, and how she is being seen as a “foreigner” because she doesn't cover her hair.

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up all night

Living this artist life lets me get up when I want, sleep whenever. I nap a lot and then sometimes stay up all night. A lot of people envy me, with good reason. I worked hard to get here though, all those years of school and cab driving and living on next to nothing. Not that they were bad years.

Money was never a requirement for me to have fun. I mean, I like to have my pot, but sex and conversations and walks along the beach or the zoo and the free festivals here every weekend kind of making spending money something you can avoid.

No one has written about how great and mighty this city is. There is a spark lit laying by a puddle of gasoline. There is a poet with a pen in one hand, and a gun in the other. There is a young black kid, about twelve, who is trying to decide whether he wants to make a few hundred bucks a week or live in the poverty that has haunted him his whole life.... and me. I live the most integrated neighborhood in the most segregated city in the country. When we met a recent freind, an actor who just graduated from Columbia who is joining our actor troupe, and he is a black guy with dreads. And one of the first things he said to M and I, once we had bonded and figured out we all think in terms of revolution and change and racism, he told us that he was surprised we were not afraid of him. Both of us laughed at this -- he told us separately.

When I first moved here, I gave an autobiography of Frederick Douglas, because the passages on literacy are, to me, the most relevant writing since the bible. He told me, "Man, my friends don't even think white people like you exist. They hate all of you."

In the cab, I treated everyone the same; after having been a salesmen for a few years I knew how to put people at ease and get me tips, but mostly that is just the way I operate. Like saying hello to almost everyone I see on the street. I have to admit having a blue eyed, red Husky with a great big smile and a wagging tale makes me more accessible, but I say hello alone and get similar responses). As Nat and I walked our dogs tonight, I was telling him how dog walking was a renaissance, that people in the city were actually building communities based on talking while walking thier dogs. This is so true. People gather in the park and get to know each other, and the hellos eventually seep out into the entire neighborhood.

I am going to go watch the sun rise over the lake this morning. Just had a cup of coffee, a bowl of kind bud, a couple pain pills and a Valium, so I should be chemically prepared.

Some know, some don't.... I go by Johnny Pain because I have had my spine rebuilt with bones from my hips, a surgery they no longer use because you end up in chronic pain for the last fifty years of your life. Oh, well. I am not bitching. I have great doctors, and in a way, getting all the time off work gave me the space I needed to finish a few books. Life of course has a way of creating cliffs where you are sure there are gentle slopes.

I go to a new doctor today. The pain clinic at cook county is always trying to get me to go to some primary physician, but whenever I do, I don;t like them... one put me on medications that caused me amnesia and five seizures and months in hospitals.

Anyways... My kitten has proven to be about the best thing to happen to me in forever. The Husky footage of her mothering little gray Dash is about as precious as anything I have ever seen. You literally break into laughter at the site.

So I guess I will go to the doc's, go down and buy some paint at a store near there, and some lineseed oil... and a bit of loose canvas. I can't wait to put up these new paintings. We have the new camera, the dxg, but it doesn't want to work on my lap top, so we are setting up a pc this weekend.....

Big Love To All Of me sometime 773-339-8099

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

vet's beaten by fascist cops... fire them before the nuts start using snipers

our questions still stand, and we still demand answers.

Obama, are you ready to support members of the military refusing to
participate in the occupation of Iraq which you have termed “illegal?”

McCain, as a veteran, how can you account for your abysmal failure to
vote in favor of post-2003 legislation to fund the V.A. which provides
life saving services to men and women who gave all to serve this

Besides which, you both owe the Hempstead 15 an apology. You owe Nick
Morgan an apology for the reconstructive surgery he’ll be receiving
and the permanent, violent altering of his face that is a result of
your failure to hear from us.

You owe every veteran in history a public statement condemning the
sidewalk trampling of Nick and Carlos Harris, an Iraq veteran, who
also had his foot broken by a horse. As well Geoff Millard, a disabled
veteran of Iraq with degenerative spine disease who was knocked to the
ground, dragged from the sidewalk and arrested, and Nadine Lubka, one
of our supporters, who was kicked in the face by a horse.

And we the people are not done forcing this issue.

I encourage every person who reads this to contact both the Obama and
McCain campaigns and demand they answer our questions and condemn the
actions of the police Wednesday night.

They don’t own this election, the media doesn’t own this election, we
the people own this election, and we deserve to have our voices heard.
Any candidate who disagrees with that statement is unworthy the
Presidency of the United States of America.

Peace and Solidarity,

Matthis Chiroux

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Sunday, October 19, 2008


I walk in many circles
hear the radicals slamming
this person
and that for selling out

never sold myself
no one ever asked except the mob and the far right
and that ain't going to happen

there are whispers of violence in the air

bombs going off in my soul
lightening spewing from my fingertips

Why does He put this violence within me?

Why does the son of God need this wretched vengence?

I would that I was perfectly what all of you wanted
though that would mean I would look and be just like you
doesn't it?

You humans don't want diversity
You want clones

to be continued

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There is some overlap... but they are all different.

john scott ridgway

This is the name to google to get the rest of my work, though my heart is here.

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There is some overlap... but they are all different.

the symbolic Colin Powell is more important than the man

Kim China wrote a lot of truths about Powell ... the symbol of the man will help the Obama campaign... and that is all that matters at this point.

Can you imagine Sarah Palin as president? When he said that he could not stand the idea of the ditz being our president, I was thrilled. We need everything we can get in our arsenal.

So, unless some war criminal like Kissinger comes out and endorses Obama, I am going to welcome any republican smart enough to see the world as it is.

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There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the bravest folk in the world; the greatest journalism you will read this year...

the bravest folk in the world; the greatest journalism you will read this year...
I took this blog post from an excellent site, which has independent chinese bloggers writing. You will be so blown away by what these guys went through to get these stories -- they were beaten, and still refused to leave a secret prison where petitioners were being kept. They kept going back until they got her out. If this story does not inspire you to hit the streets and take some of the wealth back from the elite, as well as our shrinking human rights, then you are an enemy to my way of thinking (passively letting the black helicopters take your neighbors away is the american way... look at how we ignored what the Nazi's were doing to the jews... and remember they were being persecuted here quite a bit as well at the time; our high moral stance about helping the Jews is deserved, but came way too late.

I was encouraged to hear Obama say that he at least wants to send some troops into Darfur, even if we stretched too thin by the Iraq war.

China: Co-operation 2.0 on Beijing’s Black Jails
A small portrait of the translator
Friday, October 17th, 2008 @ 10:38 UTC
by Meng Zhang
This is a Photos post

Freedom of Speech, Governance, Human Rights, Law, Media
Chinese, English

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In cooperation with citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang (Zola) and other two journalists Chen Er (Doubleaf) and Guo Jiannong, Xu Zhiyong, who firstly blogged Beijing’s black jails in the end of September, went to visit one of the unlawful prisons again on Monday, attacked by a group of thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities.
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With the abolition of custody and repatriation (C&R) system in 2003, it seems the Chinese petitioners no longer have to worry about being detained as illegal residents when they leave for a strange city to petition a higher governmental institution. However, according to blogger Xu Zhiyong, a young professor of law and strong advocate for human rights, those supplicants are actually still being intercepted by the local officials from the way to the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, the Supreme People’s Court or other departments, and forcedly taken to some makeshift house of detention, being lock up without any legal process. As the places which confined the petitioners are always hidden among the ordinary buildings, people call them “Black Jails”.

In cooperation with citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang (Zola) and other two journalists Chen Er (Doubleaf) and Guo Jiannong, Xu Zhiyong, who firstly blogged Beijing’s black jails in the end of September, went to visit one of the unlawful prisons again on Monday, attacked by a group of thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities.

Xu introduced the background of the operation in his blog:



Yesterday I received an SMS, “This is Henan’s Ma Xirong, being confined with more than twenty people in the black jail behind the Youth Hotel on the Beijing Hufang road. Can you save us? Emergency!”. Because I was at class and tied up with my work at that moment, I promised to go there today. After the last SMS contact at about 11:00 am, making sure Ma was still there, I decided to start off at 4:00 pm.
I arranged with Zhou Shuguang and his two journalist friends to meet at the Youth Hotel. Three of us reached the door of black jail at 4:15 pm, leaving Zhou to shoot videos from a safe distance. Ma Xirong came to the window and asked to let her out, but the guard rejected her request while calling the Beijing Office of Henan Province. So she talked with us through the window, saying that she was questioned by the police while walking in Wangfujing Street. After finding her petition materials, the police arrested her and then locked her up in this place. When more and more petitioners assembled at the window, Ma Xirong was forced into the inner room by the guard and I could still hear she shouted, “I am a citizen. Who are you to stop me here?”

Doubleaf, a well-known blogger in China, from his unique angle promptly blogged the situation at that time :


Xu Zhiyong and Guo Jianlong at the gate of black jail


The alley where the black jail is located










The black jail is actually a hostel named “Cozy Youth Hotel”, west to the Temple of Heaven, in a small alley on Taiping Street near Taoranting Park, where very few people pass by. The path fully covered by fallen leaves is so narrow that only one car can fit in. Looked from the outside, this dilapidated building has nothing to relate to the black jails, although more than 20 petitioners, all from Henan, are illegally imprisoned here. In fact, the hostel is rented by the Office for Letters and Calls of Henan Province, used especially to lock up the petitioners.
At the door of black jail, Guo Jianlong and Xu Zhiyong were responsible for communicating to the people inside while I was watching the outside circumstances. After a lengthy dispute, the person we wanted to meet finally came out, briefly talking with us behind a closed security door. The one we tried to save was a woman in her fifties, who was allegedly detained before getting a chance to petition.
Subsequently, an interception officer who pretended as a petitioner’s relative came to knock at the black jail’s door, but the guard inside didn’t let him in immediately because of our visit. We talked with him for a while, learning some information.
The man didn’t get in until 20 minutes later. Then we again had a short conversation with the person we wanted. I heard she was incessantly saying, “We are just talking”, which was assumed that someone inside was attempting to stop our dialog.
In the meantime, 3 or 4 strappers stared at us from the corner and the other side of the alley. Xu Zhiyong indicated they were the black jail’s thugs, one of which even passed us with a kid in his arms. According to Zola, that man had planned “holding the kid to kick them”. After that, we had a word with another female petitioner who professed to come here of “her own volition” through the window.
About one hour later, nearly 5:20 pm, a mini-bus with the license of “京 MG8490” drove into the alley, from which got off 3 or 4 big men. They abusively seized Guo Jianlong, asking why he was there. “To receive someone,” Guo replied. “Whom?! Whom?!” one of them impatiently shouted. Without surplus words, the big men started hitting us. We hastened to ask Zola staying tens of meters out run away. At the time, the thugs who watched us from the beginning came up one by one, about 6 or 7 in all. A fat guy of Beijing accent beat Xu Zhiyong the most brutally, while swearing, “You are the f*** lawyer, right?!” Maybe because it’s mainly Guo Jianlong and Xu Zhiyong that negotiated with them just now and I almost kept silent, they didn’t punch me. Even though, I was still a little scared. Without running off or fighting back, I acted as a shameful onlooker. I even got no courage to yell “stoppage”.
“Go to the police station. It’s very close,” those thugs provocatively said, while hitting and cursing. About 5 minutes later, they stopped, but we didn’t leave. “He is one of them,” one of the thugs pointed at me, though no one lifted hands against my face.
During the entire process, Xu Zhiyong and Guo Jianlong didn’t strike back in any way.
Around 17:45, the woman we expected finally came out of the jail, accompanied with the officer from the Office for Letters and Calls of her hometown. So Xu Yongzhi, Guo Jianlong and I quickly moved out of the alley. As we arrived at the corner, another brutal thug rushed into the way, threatening to bump Xu to death by car. Since Xu continued standing on the way, I hurried to draw him aside, saying, “The person has been saved. Let’s get out of here.” Xu Zhiyong then said to the thugs: “We will be back. “

Zola gave an outline of the whole thing and had more materials in his blog:



At noon of October 13,I published information in twitter, seeking for people who wanted to go to the black jail together. Doubleaf was on vacation and Guo Jianlong working at the Economy Report of 21 Century was also free, so we decided to meet before Youth Hotel at 4:00 pm. The plan was I watched and recorded at the intersection while the other three men went to the door to ask for the petitioner.
The following map shows our positions that I watch A where the other three men negotiate with the guards to ask for the petitioner from B where the gate of Beijing No. 62 High School is located.

从 可以看到我的零碎记录,我们约是四点半开始,五点半结束。一个小时里,黑监狱的看守没有采取行动,到五点二十左右,京M G8790 的小面包车进来,下来四五个人,开始打人。打人的录音在这里,是郭建龙和许志永以挨打为代价换来的现场录音。欢迎下载收听.

You may check my short records from We started at about 4:00 pm and finished at 5:30 pm. During the one-hour operation, the guards of the black jail didn’t take action until about 5:20 pm. Four or three men jumped out of a mini-bus with a number of “京MG8790”, and began to attack us. Here is the audio record which is at the great expense of Guo Jianlong and Xu Zhiyong. Welcome to download.


The following shot was taken when the conflict occurred. I only got a video for seconds in the distance, so it’s not clear enough.


The following picture was taken as we just reached the black jail. Guo Jianlong and Chen Er are talking on cell phones while Xu Zhiyong is knocking at the door.


This is my self-shot. To my west is the gate of No. 62 High School, the north is Xu Zhiyong group, the east is the side door of the Youth Hotel, where several thugs are gathered, and to my south also stands two men, who are unidentified.


The following picture was taken from the east. The three men are thugs, one of which holds a kid. I didn’t catch the most brutal men who rode bike to buy bears and then got drunk. He ripped off a button from Xu Yongzhi’s shirt while throttled Xu’s neck.


In the following picture, the black jacket says to the brown jacket, “Go and kick their ass.”

下面是10月5号去黑监狱的照片,从这次打人来看,后面的京M G8790 是黑监狱的车.

The following picture was taken during the visit to black jail on October 5. According to the conflict this time, the car of “京 MG8970” behind must belong to the black jail.

Besides the four men’s admirable courage and omni-directional blogging afterwards, another stunning knockout of the black jail operation is Doubleaf and Zola’s live report on the event by Twitter, which, as Isaac Mao commented, “has showed the social media’s potential routes of transmission and power.”
Posted by Meng Zhang
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No Responses to
“China: Co-operation 2.0 on Beijing’s Black Jails”

October 17th, 2008 at 17:58 pm
John Scott Ridgway:

Your comment is awaiting moderation: Please be patient, we moderate all comments by hand, so it may take some time.

I am honored to contact such courageous souls. You are very inspiriting. To be actually attacked by thugs, and continue your journalistic work makes me proud to be alive. Your inspiration is sorely needed here in the States, where our government’s passively ignoring the needs of the poor and disenfranchised and the veterans, while catering to the greed of the top few percent who hold 90 percent of The United States wealth, has driven us to the brink of falling apart. Americans have for way too long looked to China as an enemy, rather than an inspiration. I find much of your government to be the most logical form of government, and with youth like you I am sure your problems with human rights will be worked out.

If I can ever be assistance to any of you, I am a blogger, novelist, tv writer and a film-maker, as well as a radio show host… and a military intelligence major from a famous military family; the history of my families heriocs are recorded back to the early three hundreds… I am sure that one day, your ancestors, will look on all of you with the same pride I do my own; this is one writer who will never forget the lesson of this entry.

I am placing it on my well read blogs, along with an address to this site.

Thank you again; God bless.

John Scott Ridgway


We live in the proud traditions of our forefathers, yet must bring the new knowledge of the sciences to the ruling classes, whereever they are.

You are welcome to spread my poems by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

letter from aclu about all the domestic spying Bush is into

even though I studied this stuff in school, it still saddens me deeply. Privacy was always something of a myth, but now it is worse than ever. This is no time to have unfair laws about pot. They are sooner or later going to know everything about everyone and we must be prepared to force changes in the law, rather than continue to cower at their feet....

NSA Caught Spying on Our Own Military

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Anthony D. Romero, ACLU
to me

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We are Constitution Voters

It’s time...

...candidates talk
about warrantless NSA spying on innocent Americans, including military personnel
and international
relief workers.

Email debate moderator Bob Schieffer, and tell him to ask the candidates about warrantless NSA spying on innocent Americans, including military personnel and international relief workers.

Dear ACLU Supporter,

Tomorrow night, at the last debate, one thing we can be sure of is that Barack Obama and John McCain will go out of their way to tell us how much they respect America's fighting men and women. There's a simple test that moderator Bob Schieffer can use to see if they mean it.

He can ask them how and when they plan to put an end to our government's ineffective and unnecessary spying on the personal phone calls of innocent Americans, including the phone calls of military personnel serving far away from home.

Late last week, two whistle-blowers -- former National Security Agency (NSA) military intercept operators -- the people who actually listen in on phone calls -- revealed that hundreds of innocent Americans, including soldiers and humanitarian workers for the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, were routinely and intentionally eavesdropped on.

It's hard to think of a more insulting way to disrespect those serving our nation and the world overseas than intruding on their personal, sometimes intimate, phone calls back home.

Email Bob Schieffer, and tell him to ask the candidates about warrantless NSA spying on innocent Americans, including military personnel and international relief workers. (Clicking on this link will open up a new window in your browser.)

Anyone vying to be our next Commander in Chief should have a ready answer. The only way to stop this reckless spying is to make sure the NSA does not have unchecked spying power. That is why the ACLU is challenging the FISA Amendments Act with our Amnesty International v. McConnell lawsuit brought on behalf of an impressive array of journalists, human rights organizations and lawyers.

This misguided law -- rushed through a timid pre-election Congress -- gives the government nearly unfettered access to the international phone calls of Americans without any meaningful judicial oversight. Such unchecked and unaccountable power is an outrage and essentially authorizes mass, suspicionless, warrantless spying -- exactly what the ACLU has been fighting to undo since the Bush administration began its illegal warrantless spying program in 2005. Last week’s revelations about NSA spying on our troops and international relief workers makes painfully clear that our government has run amok, spying on innocent Americans while claiming to be spying only on suspected terrorists.

The American people deserve to know whether our next President is committed to bring out-of-control eavesdropping to an end.

Send a message to Mr. Schieffer.

The men and women serving in the military make so many sacrifices for our country. They leave home for months -- even years -- at a time. They put themselves in harm's way, and some of them never return home at all. It is unconscionable that our government has turned their most intimate phone calls into fodder for the amusement of NSA spies.

That's exactly what's happened according to the NSA whistle-blowers' reports. Tomorrow night, Bob Schieffer can ask a simple question and let the candidates tell the American public exactly how they are planning on bringing out-of-control government spying to an end.

Please send a message to Mr. Schieffer today.

The ACLU is leading the fight to stop out-of-control eavesdropping, and we will not yield until we bring this reckless spying to an end. Please stand with us today.

In defense of freedom,
Anthony D. Romero
Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

P.S. The debate happens tomorrow night. Help to ensure Bob Schieffer asks about this critical issue. Please pass this along to five friends, and take time to send Mr. Schieffer a message right away.

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There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Monday, October 13, 2008


i AM STILL PISSED about that crackle headed idiot calling people who think they can war their way to peace ignorant. Of course he was talking to me. He needs to read a little history. i LOVE BEING CALLED AN IDIOT BY PEOPLE WHO I COULD ARGUE OUT OF EXISTENCE IN A HALF AN HOUR. I Went to college for at least ten years longer than he did(AT LEAST), and studied under people in the real world, didn't sit around listening to a bunch of stoned synchophents lapping sweat off my balls and calling me a legend because the gov knocked off my show.

His comment says the military that gave him his priveleged little white life, who bought his peace with their blood, are all ignorant. .... Man, why did they let this freak up there, let alone give him an award. No one clapped. I have been actively attacked by the government, and instead of retiring to my mansion and an insular little group of worshipers, I soldiered on.. hippies. They truly make me sick.

He was funny once. Then a genocide came along and mocked his hippie rhetoric. Boo him at all costs, and squirt him with red kool aide so he can feel a little of the metaphorical blood those peaceniks are spilling in Darfur, afganistan and pakistan as we speak. You kill the terrorists, save the peaceful. He needs to read his history, because Peace is only bought with war. If he can show me one place where the opposite happened, I will let him lick my feet (after I walk in some dog shit... he likes that taste of shit in his mouth so well, obviously).

You are welcome to spread my poems by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


There is some overlap... but they are all different.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hey, folks... I am back

First off, let me thank the almost half a million people who have come in and read my various blogs during this period off. Mostly this happened because the computer I bought was a dud. Now, we have two computers, the internet bill is paid, and so fucking much has happpened.

Okay, first off, LULU has offered to give me the premium package the usually charge 500 for in exchange for being my publishers. This is a life long deal. So now, for the first time, I will be in bookstores and on Amazon dot com and etc....

So far, I have been putting the books up on the blogs, and there has been a certain transition needed to make a book. The only demands LULU hmade on me was that I put ina bio page, and use the universal isbm number needed for sales.

I cannot wait to see the new editions, which will be out in november. I am proud of these books, and have certainly been working my ass.

During my period away from the computer, I have been oil painting, and setting up a studio with my new partner. He is a master carpenter, professional photographer, and he is not only buildihg us octagonal sets, but he has he tons of toys we can use for the characters. See, we are going to shoot like a hundred of my movies. I will do a lot of these with puppets that I am making out of art dolls. I basically come up with weird faces.... we are working on getting a computer animator to work with us eventually, but for now since we have all these toys we have to palay with them. I am talking submarines we can use in the lake, little helicopters, hundreds of robots... so many robots...

I also have mp3's of most of the peace and pipe dream shows, the internet radio program we did last year, before we all got sick of the lies of the owner. He promised to shoot all my films, let us broadcast from in front of a green screen, etc... and then he had just about enough money to put us on the air twice a week. The emphasis on weed heads brought us a lot of holywood interest.... I was honored to get criticism from Robin Williams, find out Tommy Chong was laughing along. When we had live audiences the were guffawing. Jimmy and Susanne, the highly talented folk I did the show with, want to keep the Haze family alive in films, so I will write a few of them... they have a lot of fans,.

I have also finally been decoratingour apartment. We took such a move down this tim e tha I had not even bothered to put up

I found a tiny gray kitten a few weeks ago. Little thing cried out to me, and then immediatly ran in front of a passing car. the dude slammed on his breaks. Feeling like the world was a bit too cruel for my tastes, I knelt down... and of course out runs this great looking grey kitten. I held him to my chest and he began putting like a drum... the driver was all like, I'll drive it down to the pound... where they would have cut his balls off at four weeks ( usually it is six months) and he stood a chance of getting killed. Which he would have, I later figured out,, because between being this sweet kitty who loves to be kissed, to a basically demonic force attacking everything from the leather couch to a ball of Ruby dog hair on the floor.

The most amazing part of this has Been Ruby's reaction. She immediatly began mothering the kitten. She cleaned it and and started freaking out if other dogs got close to Dash ( she just ran between the kitty and dog when dash, who is certain moods, like I said, is just attaclomg everything possible, as he deals with being filled with that pure kitten joy. Watching this husky, who basically looks like a wolf and is all teeth and cool blue eyes ( she scares the hell out of people, basically, which is part of why no one messes with M. when she is walking Runy), gently playing with the kitty, mouthing (taking paws, heads, torsos, etc... in her moth and biting just enough to hold Dash down with out hurting hims.

We recently bough a lot of cameras, since we are doing the animation in a, and I hate to make this comparison because our content will be very different... nut like Robot Chicken.

I am excited about writing the thank yous and acknowledge e ts in my books. I am trhying to make it funny,because I generally skip this shit until the end of the book, than if I really like the author, of course I am hungry for anything about them.

The Jesus aspect of my life has been on the down low, thogh on Saturdays that will chang ea bit when I join operation push. Rev. Jackson's son, the spokesperson for operation push, studied finance and i have found his explanations ot the crises with the the mortgages the most easily understood, and outraging. They speak for the the little guy there, and want a package that will save the homeowners, as wel as the damned backs. My brother lost his house because of this shit. another friend of mine worked for one of the these sleazy companies and kept teling me I could get a house, even I live a small disability and M. does social work and both of us fucked up our credit. Me with all the medical bills of course, and her with a flush of credit cards she used after losing a high paying job and refusing, at first, to face her new poverty.

I am going to operation push's first saturday service tom. after listening to his speaches over and over. You know, i studied Military Intelligence at NEIU under an ex black panther (he was actually a prominate Jewish anti war agent, who refust vioolence and what not... he was a young professor at the time. I learned about all the tricks the fbi uses.

Sure came in handy when Homeland Security basically attacked me. They took down my blog and changed some of the stories, taking out violence. They also blocked it from certain parts of the country, let alone the world.

I guess they have a right to fear me... here I am, a legitimate king of england, if not fo the german hapzburgs taking over... I will be republishing an out of print book that takes us back to like 300 hundred. I never thought this would have been important to me, but I only discovered all this shit and 32 and it has kind of given me someonething to liv up to. You will not believe how wealthy we were. We funded webminster abbey by giving the church hundreds of villanges and towns.

I drove cab for fifteen years, and just kind of studied whatever seemed like I would nee to be a good novelist --- a writer whgse fucking first book wouldn't be about some damn coming of age novel. I tried to do a video thing of Columbia's professors and if they weren't writing semi rascist coming of age novels, it was book length poem on unicorms.

Oh, well. We also have in the works a thing where we will show you all of the differenbt neighborhoods in chicago, the artists who live and work there, and well as//// well, We are are going to start going to old folks holms and recording five minute interviews too, in a differrent vein. When I interview people, I ask them to write the questions I should ask. I figure everyone has pretended to get interviewed a time or two....

I have a warm cat on my lap, but I must go down to the sas station and buy coffee, since we are out and I am staying up all night. I just kind of sleep whenever, four hour battle naps. I finished like five paintings, and deesigned qute a few more. The break form the cdomputer was kind of nice, though I apologize to those who are involved in the total waf for total peace who may feel aboned. I have been working on new strategies.

By the way, did you hear that fuck head Tommy Smothers on the emmy's saying that peoplw who thin we can war to peace are just ignorant. That crispy old fuck. When they chased his tv show off the air, he just ran off with his tail between his legs. They came after me with death threats and druggings and other shit... and I soldiered on, survived taking on the neo cons and homeland security, etc... becase my connections made with spies when i WAS going to school proved to them theat i DO NOT BELIEVE IN VIOLENCE.

protestors end up fighting cops, who are just union workers, and that is stupid. Like I say, during a just revolotuion, the police will be the first to march with you.

Did you hear about the sherrif here in cook country who is now refusing to do evictions? That man is a hero. Those fucking banks are using the sherif's like they are employees and and you can imagine how must evictions have jumped recently. One officer said that working evictions was the saddest thing he had ever to done as a cop. I am going to do all I can to help this sherrif to stay in office.

Well, I am so tired that I need coffee. In four and a half hours, I get to put on my new black suit, and this kind of weird shirt, the kind you see mexican's and charlie sheen wearing. This one is black in the back, has a black collar.... then down the two sides are strips of whit with red and black designs, going up and down in a colum in the middle of the white... the red and blke designs elude to languages and fire;. When I was at the church store when i ALWAUS SHOP when I can (The two sisters behind the counter always give me the best advice, and know my size and taste and are as sweet as honey). It is a nice hipter outfit,

Since I am going to be doing all these films, I have losing writing and working out. for me this mjeans I

This is a work in progress, at 3 am, and I will keep writing on it for awhile...

You are welcome to spread my poems by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


There is some overlap... but they are all different.