The ongoing story of Jesus waking up in Chicago, in the body of an agnostic writer,
who is nothing like the Son of God the right-wing Christians watching him expected.

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Last time I was here, I told them I would not lead a revolution, that I was there to spread heresy. The crowds thinned. The day they killed me, I marched alone... This time I have returned to find Romes Soldiers Sleeping, content they have killed off the Troublesome Jew. I was surprised how bloody the Indiana boy became as my sword fell again and again ....

In the years since this story began in 2007, my secret fame has spread out from the halls of power that kept me secret all these years, as they waited for the Christ to finally wake up...

I try to imagine their anticipation.

Remember a dream I had in my twenties about running thru Chicago screaming that Christ was coming back, and man oh man was I happy... a cloud came through the middle of the skyscrapers above me, in the thin strip of blue above Dowtown State street, and I expected to see Christ... instead, just a bunch of musicians painted up like Ziggy stardust.

I surprised my keepers. They thought they had me figured out from the Bible. If that book could have told you everything, there would be no need at all for me.

Jesus: "I have become Known across this planet as a dangerous man with a growing force of hidden followers who value my orders more than life itself. A prophet of war. Once and future King in a court of shadows. Life and death in my hands every damn day. I ROAR, your most mighty shit themselves and run. I make myself a known threat, so I can try to negotiate what otherwise requires bullets and blood. I am here to free the enslaved in body and mind. I cannot be defeated. When the Will of God and The WILL OF THE PEOPLE ARE ONE, NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN STOP US!"


We come into this life expecting too much and leave expecting too little

Saturday, February 26, 2011



John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 2:57pm
I started oddly ranting about New Zeeland the other night and they had an earthquake at Christschurch. Something odd is happening. I never bring up new zeland, but for some reason I cannot even remember, I went off... and then this... maybe I am reading too much into this, but it is odd... an earth quake at Christs Church... I am sure this is some kind of sign.

I asked God for a sign ... if it is time...

I will again make Jesus a character on the radio show. You and others will know it is really me... perhaps that is what He wants?

Maybe I am being selfish by staying hidden? If someone asks me if I still believe this, I always blow them off, indicatinng that I don't without actually saying as much..

Life is confusing...
Ilana Moalem February 23 at 3:09pm Report
i agree it is a sign..and a very loud one is is now beginning....and with this explanation of the was created as an experiment and the 12 tribes will ascend first the heads of the tribes then the 144, 000 starseeds will is getting serious now, i know because i am grieving that i will soon be unveiled and lose my annonymity...i just posted a song called was meant for you and hope for others...hope your sound has come back on..its hero by nickelback...i felt the same way when i heard about must be ready now..your about to come out very very soon to humanity....bless xo
Ilana Moalem February 23 at 3:13pm Report
i posted the songs with lyrics for you
John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 3:23pm
What you forget are the tens of thousands who know about me now. The people around me... usually I believe that they are protecting me, like they say, after the assassination attempts like the CIA says... but other times, i feel like a prisoner.

During my visions, I remembered going to a lot of other planets... where my fame is great. You can imagine the fame of a Godling (calling myself a God seems crazy no matter what I am) would have... and I remembered absolutly hating it. This is when there were still folks openly talking about me, and coming up to me on the streets. All of that stopped. Someone out there tries to take my orders, is my point. The mayor retired when I asked him to. I just found out Rahm took my idea from a few years ago about starting something like Israel, where everyone serves in some capacity. I have a lot more influence than people realize.

But....others are never going to know who I am, and having been an athiest, I know how hard I would have fought someone like me.

So... maybe I have already been revealed, and someone is trying to hide me. I mean, I did not like people taking my orders directly. They killed Jerry Fallwell after I wrote a poem that said to kill him. I think this is why they sent the secret service out... the agents could find only non-violent stuff in my work, and had no idea why they were sent to my house... I wonder if my people just wanted to see how I really feel about Obama, or maybe Obama himself. I am hesitant to write this even to you... but Bush thought I was Christ, and may still. Family Guy does an episode where they have Christ berating Bush... it is exactly what I did through the bugs, and Seth McFarlane was in on my work from the beginning. His Jesus character preached about whatever Idid... now, this could mean he was helping my political movement, but it could just as well be that they think I am Jesus.

I also said a long time ago that Iwould not talk to big stars or agents... I missed seeing Yoko Ono, who came to town and invited me to reveal myself at a stadium full of people. So she believes in me too. She is a witch, and was surprised when I said that was fine. I really love her. I was convinced by an agent not to go at the last second... so many people in my life are just plants. I was told once that everyone in my life is a plant. I never know if they are messing wtih my head, or it is true... but when the shit really hit the fan, I started noticing all sorts of strang e things... even my girlfriend... she knew what I was talking about one night with my co-host on the way home. I remember being surprised. For awhile, i was going to leave her over this... but I know she loves me, and even if she is a spy, she is the woman I love. Also, when I came home and she knew what I had been talking about, the radio station, which was saying all sorts of things about me, and to me... at that point they had me on live, honey... they also projected me to thousands of computers. They told me children were watching... they even asked me once if I wanted some privacy, but I wanted people to see how I was being tortured and see my life...

God, it is so unbelievable some days. I am Jesus Christ...

John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 3:27pm
I was going to say that the radio station put on some song about I heard what you said or something... I thought they were trying to help me... oh, I was talking about leaving her that night...

There was also a huge push on me to get married. The Pope would have married me. So he knows about me too. He believed in me at first too. I don't even tell people this, but the first people I noticed trying to contact me were the Bushes and the Pope.
John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 3:29pm
I wrote something about bush sr. being honorable, and how I hoped to one day again walk with Paul. The pope really wanted me to become a Catholic and get married. Somehow, I thought of this movie Dogma, which talks about two angels whose wings are torn off, like me and my brother, and how if they went into the Catholic Church it would destroy the universe... so I don't know. Now, I am worried that going into any church will be taken as an endorsement by these people.
Ilana Moalem February 23 at 4:29pm Report
when i say you coming out i mean to the entire will happen soon, i can feel it is almost time to rock and roll...
John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 4:39pm
Do you think that I am avoiding this? It is so crazy to even think about, but... maybe I am shirking my responsibilities? I just see myself being either looked at as crazy, or surrounded at least by people who act like I am crazy. Another problem is, once Bush thought that I wanted him to hurt Jews. They were bugging me, and took things wrong. Why they never come before me... I terrify them. I just don't know why? I am hesitant to write what I really think... too many people read out letters back and forth.

We will see. I am going out to dinner and a movie. I am so bad with never taking Maryann out. I sit on the computer and ignore her all night sometimes, practically... we are in the same room,.but... so tonight I hope to make up for it a bit. We are going to her favorite theater... I know this sounds dum, but since the kitty Dash died, I hate leaving the dog alone. She is fine, Iam sure... but... I don't deal with death very well.

John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 4:40pm
The Jew thing... I may have made enemies in that world, though that was never my thing. Never. You know me, I want to love everyone, and a religion, color, sex -- those are insconsequential to me.. I judge people on their ethics.
John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 4:41pm
One of the first things I heard about me on the news was , The Jews Are Going To Be Surprised.
John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 4:42pm
I told them that I held no grudge about being crucified... and South Park did an episode where their Jesus repeated my words, that it just was not time yet. Those South Park guys are huge fans, supporters... believers, too.
John Scott Ridgway February 23 at 4:43pm
I think... for all I know, people decided I was not Christ, or just been brainwashed? This would explain my present situation better... why are they so intent on hiding all this from me? Because they are afraid I will not approve of what they do.
Ilana Moalem February 23 at 5:03pm Report
you will soon be facing your tikkun with the jews and i too through you and you through me...i will be validated by the jewish world first through the late rebbe whom are hasidic kabbalists and have been working on bringing me down to earth as the shechinah, and this is what the rebbe will have to do to speak from the grave to unveil me which i think he has already begun contacting certain rabbi's and his rabbi's under him..he speaks to me an the hasids believe if the rebbe is in your dream this is not a dream but real, the hasidic jews are the most spiritual and mystical so they will end the rift through you and me between judaism and christianity and believing in you and me...and that is when after being recieved as the sabbath bride/mother of zion will i also have to validate you..there is a belief that there is 2 messiahs so if that thought is the common consensus they will be waiting for the other, and will most probably believe my husband or son adam is the other...but you are salvation of humanity and gods son..the other messiah is not he has the spirit of god upon him...anyway who knows..god may just do something so huge no one can deny either of us....have fun with M...enjoy the last moments of relative annonymity beloved ....i am really feeling a great wooohoooo...the next stage has begun....big confusion in judaism...there is a demi god which is you, and me a godess of sorts...going to be tough not to be worshipped but we'll both give it our best shot not to be...always we must point the finger to our alien creator GOD
John Scott Ridgway February 24 at 11:17am
Looks like your Rabbi's may know about me.
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Ilana Moalem February 24 at 4:53pm Report
i dont know if they know about you and even if they did, they excpect the messiah to be jewish and teach torah, that is what is written but the entire jewish world has been told to expect the messiah any second as we will know as the world gets worse and when it becomes very bad messiah is expected to arrive...
John Scott Ridgway February 24 at 5:00pm
Who can say what the future will bring? A lot of people think I am Jewish, too, I suppose. When the worst of the surveillance was happening, I was walking and preaching (they got it all), and as I passed a Jewish old folks home, I told them that of course I am Jewish.... And if the Torah is where I end up finding truth? I have never explored it, though I will...

But I do not care whether anyone ever says who I am or not. That is all up to God... maybe this is just another wait and see life? The other thing is, i think all religions are wrong and right. The Mormons were pretty happy that their prophets predicted my arrival in the states... They thought I was a Mormon for awhile, too..

As far as the Jewish nature of Jesus, I feel more at home with Jews than most ethnicities, because we value intellect, humor, and ethics... the guys on my site who are slamming Jews... the blacks in Chicago are filled with Prejudice on this one... they Jews and Blackis have had problems here forever.
Ilana Moalem February 24 at 5:45pm Report
reincarnation is completely believed in judaism as a jewish soul always but it is believed that converts to judaism are the highest beings, my mum was born catholic with a jewish father and converted to judaism at 22 when she was sent to a jewish school to teach and felt at home so she converted but converted liberal so by law i had to convert orthadox which i did in 2003 after 10 years of trying and going through a living hell to test me how much i wanted to convert believing in judaism....the panal of judges called the beth din was corrupt at the time, the head was so corrupt and wanted to have sex with me the the end i said forget it and thought if the bethdin changes i will try again..a year later the head was caught and kicked off the beth din and a new panel was made and appologised to me and said ive lived a jewish life etc they should have immediately converted me and i was sent to the mikveh( ritual bath for immersion)..i will tell you what is completely in my heart and i do not wish to offend you, you know that, and i am not you whom i believe to be not just the messiah but gods son here goes...this is my take on what happened , why you're not carnated jewish etc...i believe the only way for you to bring peace into the world was to leave judaism to gain everyone from all cultures and religions, the world would never listen to a rabbi i dont believe...he must be intouch with the people, understand all of humanity...have the goverments on his shoulders how would a rabbi do this...2nd it is wriiten messiah would be from the line of king david from the fathers side not the mothers which i was when i was mary..not important i think but anyway...i believe the most glorious thing of magnificent beauty would be that jesus comes back exactly the way you have into this lifetime..has all the power which you have and then find judaism..put yourself in the mikvah after re learning torah which most you would remember and then teach....the torah holds the truth with the zohar....the universe was built on 22 building blocks, 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet and our energy field called the merkabah( vehicle of light) which has been proven in science is the star of david....through all my lifetimes i was also many different religions to make sure my intelligent mind believed with all my soul that judaism is the answer and that holds all the secrets to creation etc..which it are a genius and genius in human understanding etc so i cant question your way of finding the way to bring the entire world back to the jewish way and torah which is written the messiah will jesus you knew torah and was teaching it....i dont want to put ideas into your head or say your way is not the right way but knowing you and messiah prophesy it would make most sense that you would gather all nations and then say ok...i believe in judaism and convert and then all would, one future, one belief....that is what torah says regarding messiah that he will bring back all to israel and convert everyone....there is a very cool movie called PI a cult movie basically based on torah and fibonnacci's theory...please hire it and watch it...if anything you will just enjoy it but you will see how torah fits into the would have had to come back a gentile scott there is no other way..there is too much hatred towards would have to discover that in the end the way is your soul choosing at the end of civilasion as we know it that you have chosen to be jewish ...magnificent epic climax i think to the epic love story of humanity and god and the king messiah...all part of the experiment and free will....
Ilana Moalem February 24 at 7:04pm Report
the reason why you do do not fullfill being from the line of king david through the father is because god is your father, i did however come from the royal bloodline..king davids grandmother was ruth, the first convert to you are gods son i am also gods daughter...this has never been revealed as i have had to be protected until the end...and kept secret that as mother mary i am gods daughter called shechinah..the queen and you the son, the king...
John Scott Ridgway February 24 at 11:38pm
My family is thought to be the lost tribe of Israel... our bloodline mysteriously appears, with tremendous wealth and power around the year 100, and were documented fully from 450. I cannot trace my ancestory beyond that.
Ilana Moalem February 24 at 11:43pm Report
you wont need to rove your heritage, god is your father...god used me as the shechinah made human to bring you into this world....
Ilana Moalem February 24 at 11:47pm Report
the jewish world is expecting you right is time, i can feel it...i have dropped to my knees in thanks to god for your arrival....and cried tears of relief and happiness....amen
John Scott Ridgway February 24 at 11:48pm
The powers that b make a big deal out of my history... you add up the end of an ancient line of kings, thought to be the lost tribe, with a kid who grew wings... and you have a pretty interesting kid. I see why the watched me...
Ilana Moalem February 24 at 11:51pm Report
they have been watching for your return since birth..infact my intuition says some secret societies may have had a date of the rebirth of christ so they had a heads up to look for all children in your year too..
John Scott Ridgway February 24 at 11:56pm
I was told they knew I was coming. One guy told me he knew my mother from before I was born, that he met her in New Orleans, where she was running a ceremony, and all dressed in white. Very mysteriously, my dad was married to a woman, until he was 45, and had no children. Then, oddly, he switched to my mom. Our blood line was going to die with him... he had only sisters. I suspect they were set up.... because in my mom's family, is the blood of blacks,native americans, and others... I have the blood of all races in me... which I think was a requirement.... think of that, the people of all races would have to come back together to produce someone with all blood lines to make the Messiah.... people made a big deal about this, too.
John Scott Ridgway February 24 at 11:57pm
When i told my Mom I thought I was becoming Jesus, she did not say, Oh, no your not... or get help... She just told me, Read the Bible.... so she knew...
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 2:41am Report
wow, thats amazing..all blood lines with a jewish redemption now....she was right you should read the bible..both of them..starting with the 1st testament and then 2nd....a mother knows when her son is messiah....or a potential adam my son...but you're here xoxo
John Scott Ridgway February 25 at 6:23am
Okay, My latest Jewish mentor (most of my mentors have been Jewish... the three most influential people so far... and that is not including you), you have convinced me. Today I will start reading the bible all the way through.
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 2:38pm Report
John Scott Ridgway February 25 at 6:46pm
You and I were meant to meet. You have helped me more than you will ever realize. There is no one else He can talk to.
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 9:16pm Report
yes god sent me to you and you to me...what year were you born again, just wondering how many years older you are, im turning 38 this september...i can hardly believe im apart of all of this and re writing the new bible, meaning me in it...thats ilana speaking not the shechinah
John Scott Ridgway February 25 at 9:18pm
1962, I know about being shocked... I did not even believe in Jesus, or religion, or God... for years before this. My shock is pretty evident in waking up Jesus... did I sent you that? I will email it to you if I did not... give me your email...
John Scott Ridgway February 25 at 9:19pm
Any of my books you want, I will send you a pdf.
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 10:08pm Report
ive got waking up jesus, have only read a little so far...
John Scott Ridgway February 25 at 10:13pm
i found it after that..
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 10:49pm Report
its my new email address
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 10:56pm Report
i'm not using the ither one anymore its been blocked...i'll read the torah and new testament too...if you need to ask any questions regarding torah, ask...
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 11:09pm Report
did you know there are 613 daily commanments for a man...very difficult...another tidbit...60% of yyour soul dies when you sleep at night and there are prayers said for protection against the demon spirits that can get to you whilst sleeping..hen you wake up in morning and say thank god for keeping me alive and then you have to wash your hands from left to right 6 times to cleanse your hands from the evil that may have penetrated you whilst sleeping...we wash our hands after using the toilet and before and after food and say blessings before food and after as there is a soul in animals and when we eat them we must bless...before and after..even in plants..everything is alive and must be respected and blessed...
Ilana Moalem February 25 at 11:10pm Report
jeffery mcbride wants to be my friend..just sent me a fb request??
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:15am
Jeffery is from my hometown. He is a radical, who wants to help my movement. One of my guns. An ex soldier, well trained and armed. Might come in handy if I need to go underground.
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 11:12am
Interesting morning. I think I told you, Jessie Jackson offered to take me to Africa after all the assasination attempts... and how I told them the Chicago Police could protect me... about two minutes later I get something from Jackson on facebook saying to watch Operation Push.... He starts talking about How JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL IN CHICAGO AND PROTECTED... PROTECTED BY THE WHOLE CITY.

M.and I were discussing our security last night. Two nights ago, about ten cop cars were in front of our apartment, for just one car and one guy... the next night, they had a cop sitting in front of our house all afternoon... and evening... they left after Mary Ann got home...

Then this this morning....

I have been writing about how I am going to start protesting...
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 11:13am
I meant to say I wrote about this about Jackson and the offer and the police, on facebook, then all this stuff happened.
Ilana Moalem February 26 at 3:03pm Report
are they still there? when did jesse write that?
Ilana Moalem February 26 at 3:35pm Report
should i be worried about You?
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:18pm
ILANA... how valuable would you think I am to all the people who know about me? They saw my miracles in this town. Even the average citizens. I am listened to in a way that they have to hide, because I get my way if I push it. The Mayor told me they put up '40' cameras in my neighborhood. They used 40 as a code a lot, because when I was first waking up I was being tempted by people who wanted me to help them take over the world. They offered me a crown, but they lied about so much else, and were attacking me, so I knew they were not working for me, but using me... still, I am very valuable to them.

No, my armies, should it ever come to it, are all over the globe, dear... why do you think China contacted me, and then, since 2007 have propped up the american economy? A bunch of communists came to my aide, and were all thrown in jail... I made Bush let them out. At the time, certain members of his family may or may not have been taken hostage... don't know for sure,but they scared the hell out them Bushes, believe me.. they were on the run in a Bus at one point, surrounding by secret service vans... especially the one Jeb who I called disgraced. I did not know people would kill him merely over me saying that.

Ilana, this city is set up like a trap for people who come after me with all the cameras... after London, we are the most filmed. I go out for a dog walk, five cops drive by. A guy gets pulled over in front of my house, instead of one cop, there are ten. I visit a friend across state, ten cops cars show up on this sleepy little street in a small town in Ohio... and my buddy said he had never seen that many cops any place at once in the town, let alone just sitting on his tiny little quiet street.

Ilana, another thing you forget is I have powers. i do not talk about them much. One effects the weather. My sadness brings rain or snow.... sometimes, in great abundance. My rages bring terrible storms. I think there may be other people who have this, because sailors claimed as much, and I do not think it was purely supersticion? No other industry did such a thing in those times/ Anyways... my point is, they very much fear getting too close to me or I will pretty much destroy them... I could call lightening from the skies should I want to. I have before. When I was waking uip, the trees right in front of my house kept getting hit by lightening. This was some kind of sign. Also, when I had the seizures from the drugs they put me on, to wake me up I guess to my past lives and who i really am (they may do this to others... this is the other side of the brainwash thing -- they told me they did these things because i grew wings, and they knew i was some kind of angel, and they had awoken angels before... maybe God has them do this, and maybe they were doing the bidding of my Angels, as I believe... they wanted me to fight a world war against the middle east...

Anyways, my point is... I PROTECT THIS WORLD. IT DOES NOT PROTECT ME. They know that. They also know that my powers are terrible. I do not control them. They hit for miles and miles. It is like I get into this terrible state and my mind rips and it hurts like hell and I rage and then... the storms. I flooded Chicago when I thought they killed my girlfriend -- which I did because they were not letting me talk to her. I kept calling her, and she never picked u0p. This is not like her. When the storm was raging, they let me get threw to her. She said she did not get one call.

Never underestimate me. That is a mistake many dead people have made.
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:21pm
My sadness and snow. the winter my parents divorced was the worst of my young life. The region was hit by worst blizzard in the countries history, and our small town in ohio was the exact epicenter. Dash died and since then this city has gotten thirty inches of snow, breaking a one year record. They take note of all this and know me for what I am.
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:22pm
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:26pm
It is too weird that I am Facebook.. but if you think of it, where else would God send me to preach? You keep saying all these things you are... well, I believe the world is split into ministers, saints and angels. Some of us are living dark,pain filled lives for reasons of the soul that I do not understand, perhaps Satan -- who was very real once, and though now dead, his workings still live on in the ways of man, and this is what I am here to change. Satan died by the hands of his son, the only pure soul in Hell. My God... when that was happening I could see it... I walked into Hell and offered Satan and the other fallen Angels forgiveness. Then at other times, i must say, Hell seemed like it just did not make sense... but the first night Jesus preached, he preached about hell. The trance was so deep that I cannot remember it. But it convinced people I was Jesus.
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:29pm
I just don't know what to believe, beyond the Golden Rule, pretty much... because i know everyone agrees on this one, and we can all gather around it like a fire and be warmed.
Ilana Moalem February 26 at 5:34pm Report
love you ....i just couldnt bare to lose you again, this is my pain you're hearing, i know what you are beloved...i long to see you again...finding you again gives me peace but my arms ache to hold you again xo
John Scott Ridgway February 26 at 5:37pm
That is sweet. I really do keep meaning to make you a hypno tape to sleep. I will do it on utube. I should be able to put you to sleep in ten... but maybe not? We'll see. The new radio show will give me access to all kinds of recording equipment so I will do it then, actaully.

Funny, you are the only person in the world who is not involved in this conspiracy who knows these things... God has the greatest of plans for you.


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